Top 10 types of Sarees from different States 

You get attracted by the variety of sarees styles in the market and the beauty of those styles. You want to give them a try- right? Have you ever noticed that the saree you wear addresses which state to make you look attractive? If not, read our blog. Here we discuss the top 10 types of sarees from different states that are famous for their outstanding quality and demand.

Kanjeevaram Saree from the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India

Kanjeevaram Saree from the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India
















I have five Kanjeevaram sarees in my wardrobe for special occasions. A Kanjeevaram saree typically has a contrasting hue on the pallu, which gives the additional drape flavor. The vibrant colors, regal borders, and luxurious silk of the Kanjeevaram Saree give it an opulent air. Most ladies in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh wear these saris as bridal and special occasion attire. You can also see Bollywood celebrities on the red carpet.

To complement Kanjeevaram’s regal appearance, I typically accessorized the saree with gold jewelry. You are free to dress in whichever you choose.

Currently, Kanjeevaram sarees are very famous as traditional wedding sarees that can wear on special occasions throughout the nation. Because they are made of only pure mulberry silk thread, sarees have innate beauty and grace. When it comes to appearance, it has a distinctive gold hue to accentuate it.

Bandhani Saree from Gujarat (Western India)

Bandhani Saree from Gujarat (Western India)

Tie and dye Bandhani is known for more than just sarees; you can also find dupattas, suits, maxi dresses, and many other products. It comes in various colors and patterns, but the traditional idea is that it bestows the bride luck and a bright future. Bandhani is a beautiful ethnic sarees with symbolic motifs that bring to mind the wealthy traditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Last year for Navratri, I wore a Bandhani sari with a seedha pallu, some oxidized silver jewelry to dress up the appearance, and a stylish potli bag for added glitz.

Chikankari Saree from Lucknow

Chikankari Saree from Lucknow

What city comes to mind when I say Nawab City? We all agree on Lucknow. Am I correct? In Lucknow, chikankari is well known for its exquisite designs that capture the eye at first glance. Chikankari sarees have intricate stitching on calming hues. The most intriguing feature of these sarees is that they have exquisite hand embroidery that has been skillfully done on a range of textile fabrics, including muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc., and may be worn at anytime, anywhere.

Straight hairstyles and simple jhumkas go well with chikankari sarees to give you an exquisite appearance.

Tant Saree from West Bengal

Tant Saree from West Bengal

Today we are talking about Top 10 types of Sarees from different States in India. But the tent saree is quite remarkable. It is made of breathable material, making it ideal for muggy conditions. Typically, you have seen red and white Bengali sarees worn during Durga Puja, Diwali, and other festive events.

Am I correct? If you’re a Bengali woman, you undoubtedly have a Tant saree in your closet. Typically, classic Indian sarees had zari embroidery and a lavishly decorated pallu, but hand-printed Tant sarees are becoming very popular.

Nauvari Saree from west coast Maharashtra

Nauvari Saree from west coast Maharashtra

If you have a Nauvari saree in your closet, it is likely from Maharashtra’s west coast. The term “Nauvari” refers to the traditional Indian saree’s length, nine yards.

The most intriguing feature is that you can wear Nauvari sarees in an extraordinary manner known as “Kashta.” The saree’s border is tucked behind. The Maratha women soldiers wore the saree in a dhoti form, allowing them to move more freely while fighting and mounting horses.

However, the Nauvari saree can be worn for special occasions like weddings. To enhance its magnificent appearance further, you draped a shawl (shela) across your arms.

This winter, I would like to buy a Nauvari saree and make a top bun embellished with gajra or flowers to create a center of attraction in the crowd. Would you like to do the same?

Banarsi Saree from Varanasi

Banarsi Saree from Varanasi

There are many kinds of sarees from various states, but the Banarsi saree is the most well-known and was made only for royalty using genuine gold and silver threads. The themes and patterns found on silk sarees are well known. Even though it is a traditional saree, still stylish and elegant; you may have noticed that some Bollywood actresses have donned Banarasi sarees to weddings and other formal events.

Wearing a Banarsi saree and Kundan jewelry would give you an ethereal appearance. A high bun with a few roses will give you a gorgeous appearance.

Chanderi Saree from Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi Saree from Madhya Pradesh

The most commonly used fabric in terms of sarees, suits, maxi dresses, gowns, and many other items is chanderi. Its sheen is impressive and fantastic. Silk and zari are woven with cotton to create various designs and patterns that make the cloth as light as air. The saree’s opulent appearance makes it appropriate for festive occasions.

This drape would look stunning at any wedding event because of the delicious texture of the handloom weave.

With some Kundan jewelry, it is cozy to wear during the festive or daily seasons.

Kasavu Saree from Kerala

Kasavu Saree from Kerala

Most wedding seasons have seen white sarees fashioning gorgeous golden borders, occasionally laced with actual gold. If we are talking about its origins, it is a type of dhoti or blouse, but it is now draped in a modernized and fashionable manner and worn while going to a wedding with some gold jewelry and gajra. The saree has a highly contemporary appearance due to its minimalist design, and it is frequently worn in Kerala during the Onam festival.

Muga Saree from Assam

Muga Saree from Assam

The only Muga sarees of exceptional quality and beauty are made in Assam with only genuine zari work. Muga saree is widely available in the market. Muga sarees are made of silk with a glossy shine and are strong, adaptable, and available in many different styles. The natural goldish tint is palpable, and the saree is stunning.

You should give adding bulky items a shot if you have weddings or other momentous occasions in your household or among your relatives. I do not doubt that the timeless Muga saree will make you the center of attention at the upcoming festive event.

The best thing about a Muga saree is that it gets shinier with each wash, making it classic.

Wrap up

We’ve listed the top 10 types of sarees from different states. Everyone is unique from one another. It would be best if you gave it a shot at least once this festive season.

What saree have you chosen for this festive season? Please share your preferences. And what kinds of sarees do you typically wear? If I add more saree, as you request, do let us know in the comments.

We’ll add more lists for you, without a doubt.

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