Top 18 tourist places in Yelagiri

It is one of the hill stations located in the southeast state of Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri is situated at an altitude of 1,106 meters above sea level. This hill station is surrounded by beautiful rose gardens, green valleys, and orchards. 

There are several tourist places in Yelagiri which are as discussed below – 

1- Jalagamparai Waterfalls – 

It is one of the best tourist places and can be situated at a short distance from the central city of Yelagiri. This waterfall is located on the other side of the main hill station. 

2- Punganoor Lake Park 

It is one of the famous tourist places and is visited by tourists throughout the year. There are several luxury hotels to stay in this place with excellent facilities. So you can enjoy the beauty of the lake with an incredible experience.

3- Nature Park – 

This park is one of the tranquil and most peaceful tourist places and is situated right in the lap of nature that offers stunning and beautiful views. 

4- Telescope Observatory – 

The VainuBappu Observatory is popularly named as Telescope observatory is one of the best tourist places in the city of Yelagiri. This place offers an adorable vision or views the movement of our solar system’s celestial bodies. 

5- Jalagandeeswarar Temple – 

It is one of the famous temples located at the heart of the Vellore Fort. Most tourists come from India and foreign countries to visit this famous temple.

6- Swamimalai Hills – 

It is one of the beautiful tourist places located at the highest point in the Yelagiri. You can enjoy the loveliest views of the entire hill station and visit tourists throughout the year.

7- Velvan (Murugan) Temple – 

It is another famous temple built in the memory of Lord Murugan and is placed right on the tip of the Yelagiri Mountains. This place offers some beautiful views and is one of the best places in Yelagiri.

8- Government Herbal Farm – 

This farm is located near the adorable Puganoor Lake and is maintained or managed by the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu.

9- Yelagiri Adventure Camp – 

You can enjoy several activities in this camp such as mountain climbing, shooting, archery, trekking, and many more activities.

10- Nilavoor Lake 

It is one of the lakes bordered by a beautiful garden on its bank and is situated in the Nilavoor village in Yelagiri. 

11- Yelagiri Forest Hill – 

This forest is located in Yelagiri and is one of the most beautiful tourist places with great beauty for nature lovers.

12- Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls – 

It is situated in the center of Amirithi Zoological Park with great views. 

13- Moksha Vimochana Temple – 

It is located near the famous Nilavoor Lake and is one of the best tourist spots in Yelagiri.

14- SRL Rose Garden & Water Falls – 

There are several beautiful flowers in this garden with a lovely view of waterfalls.

15- Perumal Temple – 

It is one of the most prominent temples in Yelagiri where the landscapes look amusingly impressive.

16- Government Silk Farm – 

It is situated in the village of Mangalam and is an extensive stretch of mulberry plantations with a sericulture farm.

17- Ropes & Knots – 

This place is located in a picturesque valley flanked by hillocks in the Mangalam village and is one of the best places to visit in Yelagiri.

18- Fundera Park – 

It is placed in Yelagiri and is one of the tourist places with more than 300 exotic non-Indian birds. 

Conclusions – If you are planning to any trip with your friends or family members, you must visit the Yelagiri. 

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