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To provide quality healthcare to the citizens of Delhi, the Delhi government has provided health benefits that can accommodate the population of 160 lakhs of the capital city. Both the therapeutic and preventive phases have some health benefits. Delhi government has brought this health system with the tag line ‘Quality Health for All,’ which will benefit without income requirements.

Delhi Government Policy

It is straightforward. Along with some private hospitals, the Delhi government has agreed to encourage quality and decent health care facilities and treatment for the sick, regardless of their income. If a patient cannot receive care from a Delhi government hospital, they can choose 67 hospitals. The government will also cover patient-borne expenses for maintenance and facilities. The Delhi government has made health plans for all.

Hospital Net Worth

Medical tourism in India is a booming industry that generates millions in income every year, thanks to the super specialty hospitals in the country’s major metros, which can withstand rare medical and surgical conditions for people across the globe. Lowest possible cost. Delhi’s top private hospitals also attract patients from surrounding states. These hospitals have excellent laboratories, specialists, and good beds to handle many patients simultaneously. Compared to foreign countries, these hospitals can provide world-class medical services at the least possible cost.

Delhi Hospital List

Delhi/top NCR’s healthcare institutions are listed below. We have divided and government and private hospitals for ease of and information. These institutions have an established track record of both large volumes of patient flow. They are considered the foremost centers for trained staff, cutting-edge technology, and infrastructure to qualify for this list. The treatment given by these organizations is on par with some of the world’s best centers.

AIIMS (“All India Institute of Medical Sciences”)

For AIIMS, New Delhi, global recognition and advanced facilities for treating multi-disciplinary diseases are a strength. Besides, for foreign patients, the institute also ranks high among the options. Some recognized medical names serve for many medical disciplines in this hospital. 

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a general super-specialty hospital that is considered a primary tertiary care unit. It is a private charitable hospital run by the Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society, which provides free care to Delhi and its neighboring states for financially vulnerable patients. It is the first hospital in Delhi to have an all-body CT scan unit and a vascular surgery unit. 

GB Pant Hospital

With a humble beginning in 1961, GB Pant Hospital in Delhi has become one of the leading health care names. The hospital has achieved international recognition and is known for providing high-quality treatment and care to patients for various multi-disciplinary conditions. 

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

One of the best heart treatment centers in Delhi / NCR is Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. The institute is well known for using state-of-the-art and innovative technology in cardiac bypass surgery, non-invasive cardiology, and pediatric cardiac surgery, to name a few. It has a sophisticated collection of nuclear medicine, hematology, radiology, biochemistry, microbiology, and transfusion laboratories. 

Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital

Aakash Healthcare is the healthcare vertical of Aakash Education Services Private Limited (Aakash Institutes), a leading educational brand in India under Mr. Jessie Chaudhary’s leadership. Necessary infrastructure, path-breaking techniques, providing unmatched healthcare. Founder and Managing Director of Akash Healthcare Pvt Ltd Dr. Ashish Chaudhary aims to make AHPL the most preferred healthcare brand and a chain by delivering compassionate and world-class healthcare with a talented team of doctors with ultra-modern technology. 

Max Super specialty Hospital

Max Superspeciality Hospital, which is built keeping in mind the international norms, always strives to provide quality health care. Located in New Delhi’s domestic airport and railway station’s vicinity, this hospital is a beacon of quality patient care, high-tech facilities, and specialist doctors.


These institutes are affiliated with some of the best doctors in this part of the world to be included in the region’s best hospitals. Most of these hospitals are also centers of educational excellence, with many trainee doctors pursuing postgraduate and post-doctoral courses in various specialties and super specialties.

Delhi / NCR follows an international trend, claiming several high subspecialty healthcare institutions for niche specialties. Within a limited range of modern medicine, these hospitals provide highly specialized services and are visited by specialist consultants to assist them.


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