Top reasons you should use a water level indicator

If you are searching for the advantages of a water level sensor then you are in the right place. The water level indicator or sensor acts on a basic function of system performance optimization and water flow regulations. The indicator measures and manages water levels in different systems such as cooling towers, swimming pools, and water tanks. There are a lot of benefits of water level indicators. First, we will explore the problems associated with the old water level indicator designs.

The problems with the old indicator designs

The first electric water level controller appeared in the market in the early 90s and it helped industry professionals to track the levels of water in irrigation lakes, broilers, wastewater, cooling towers and water tanks accurately and reliably. However, these units were found to have some problems based on their design. They were recognized as an advancement from the toilet tank float designs but engineers discovered that when used for a long time, these indicators could begin to malfunction.

While they were more accurate compared to the older versions, they did not have the intuitive user interface to enable easy troubleshooting when problems started. In case of a problem, there was no built-in function to identify the source of the malfunction. You could not identify the failing component accurately. This means that the entire indicator had to be replaced at a considerable expense.

Advantages of water level indicators

Now that we know some of the problems associated with the old indicator design, let us have a look at the benefits of using the new water level sensor equipment.

Power saver

We are living in times we need to be very conscious of the energy we use. This means that a water level indicator is ideal when it comes to power saving. Regulating water levels normally consumes wastewater and electricity. However, with an automatic design, the usage of electricity is limited as well as the water needed to regulate supply.

Saves money

Water level controllers save money by limiting the wastage of electricity and water. These devices accurately regulate the energy we use to protect against unnecessary electricity and water usage. With time, you can save a substantial amount of money.


This is another notable benefit of using these devices. It eliminates manual operations with the frustrations of manual monitoring of tanks. The levels of water are maintained at the pre-set levels thanks to the automatic nature of these devices.

Maximization of water

On average, water pumps are typically used more at midday. A water level indicator can reduce the water usage provided at midday while automatically reducing the usage of water at night. This results in an appropriate water level at all times being maintained. It also provides the maximum water usage at the appropriate times.

Easy installation

The new water level sensor offers hassle-free installation, superior performance and lower cost of operation over time compared to the lifespan of the past designs. For continuous monitoring, the digital dry contact circuitry and firmware quickly and easily connect to the automation systems of your building.

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