Understanding The Top Repairs That A Mobile Scratch Repair Specialist Can Fix

Mobile scratch repair Sydney CBD services have been on the rise with more auto body repair specialists choosing to specialize in mobile services. Mobile auto repair services are a convenient and cheap solution for fixing your scratched, dented or paint-damaged car panels. The trick is knowing what these specialists can repair and what they can’t repair on site. This way, you will save a lot of time and resources by choosing a service provider who is willing to visit your home, workplace and even when you are stuck on the road and complete the repairs for you. Here are some of the top repairs a mobile repairer can fix for you.

Bumper repairs

Bumpers are designed to protect your car from damage to the car body. So, instead of your car body getting damaged during a collision or when you hit an object, it is the bumper that gets damaged. This means that bumpers are intentionally located where most collisions and accidents occur. Bumper repairs are therefore the most common type of damage that mobile car repair specialists fix. Mobile specialists can repair bumper scrapes, scratches, tears and scuffs on-site. They can also do colour matching and ensure that the new paint they apply to your car matches the existing paint. Even if a bumper has a hole in it, a mobile bumper repair specialist can repair it.

Panel scratches

A mobile scratch repair specialist can also fix panel scratches. Car panel key scratches, scrapes and minor panel damage can be repaired by a mobile car repair specialist. These are common repairs that can be fixed in about three hours. Even deep scratches that break through to the metal can be fixed by a mobile car repair specialist using a spot repair technique. In terms of which panels a mobile repairer can fix, it is usually any vertical panel. Mobile car repairers can repair up to four panels on a car.

Dent repairs

When your car has small dents to external vertical panels, you don’t have to worry because a mobile car repair specialist can come on-site to repair them. Small dents are often caused by tight garages, shopping trolleys, and other car doors. Mobile car repairers can fix dents quickly and easily and colour match the manufactured colour of your vehicle. Mobile panel beaters will match the original colour of your vehicle by getting the colour code of the car and using a specialized spectrometer colour matching system to create exactly the same paint colour.

Alloy wheels

You can also call a mobile scratch repair Sydney CBD specialist to help you fix your alloy wheels. Rim damage or alloy wheel damage includes damages to the curb, gutter rash and other cosmetic damages. These can happen with suburban driving and city driving. Mobile car repairers repair the alloy wheels by smoothing back the rim using specialized machines and re-coating the wheel with paint colour-matched to the original colour. Make sure you ask your repair specialists if they fix these wheels before hiring them.

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