Unheard Story of Tom and Jerry

Which cartoon show was the most successful series of all time during the era of world war? Believe it or not! Being a recipient of 7 Oscars and nominated in a total of 13, with larger-than-life characters, Tom and Jerry’s show has been regarded as one of the top-rated cartoon series of all time. Tom and Jerry is my favorite cartoon, and here I am sharing some knowledge about it.

Being merging with the largest distributor company MGM, brings us a simple rivalry between mouse and a cat, leading to more appealing and sounded audiences during that era.

Elements and Requirement needed 

 With each character having a specific pivotal role in the series, some life lessons are learned from the characters’ morals. Sound, animation, and various action-comedy scenes were the main elements of the all-time favorite show.

How it become widely popular in Cartoon History? 

The dominance of two distinct streams in Hollywood animation

  • During the 1930s, Disney productions and the style of Warner bros were ruling the cartoon industry.
  • During that time, with the development of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig cartoons which were more violent and unreal than anything in the market.
  • Back in 1937, when Fred Quimby did think to make cartoons a little engaging and spicier, he found Barbera during that period when he told him about his requirements.

Coming with a new concept

  • In 1939, By bringing a chase concept in that world-war era featuring a cat and mouse. Many critics thought that the upcoming series was named old-hat.

Motive and methods behind making the series

  • War was the ultimate goal in the series as the first episode featured in 1940.
  • Weapons like an Axe and Saw were used in series of (Suffering Cats 1943 and Mouse Trouble 1944)
  • Graphic violence, style, rules of Physics were all constant methods in making the show by Hanna and Barbera.

Leaving a legacy behind in our lives

The real reason behind Tom and Jerry’s success story was affection and love, as it produced 114 cartoons over 17 years. On every anniversary of Tom and jerry, everyone remembered how they made our childhood funny and lifelike with their comedy and humor. It will be fascinating for the audiences to see how Tim’s director of Tom and Jerry will add new animations and themes in the movie slated to release on 26th February 2021. It stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Colin Jost in lead roles.

Tom and Jerry tailor.

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