Useful Tips For Caring For Your Night Vision Equipment

If you have night vision devices such as Thermtec Ares, it is essential to know how to take good care of your equipment. Night vision devices are used in different fields, especially for nature watching, hunting, and home protection. Their fascinating benefits bring a great experience that you cannot purchase at any price. But if you make mistakes, the cost can be high. You need to know how to care for your devices.

Forget about switching the light on

We can all remember that turning the lights on in a very dark room isn’t the best idea. Before you adjust to the light, you will feel a lot of discomfort and pain. This also applies to your night vision device. Exposing your devices to bright light will damage your device.

You should use special lens caps. This will save you money on servicing your night vision equipment. A lot of devices presented on the market have built-in cut-off circuits. These prevent power when the device is open to strong light.

Keep your lenses clean

Your lenses are very sensitive. As they are responsible for the image clarity you see, it is important to understand that their tender cover can be damaged by dirty and oily fingers. This is why it is recommended to clean the lenses with a non-abrasive cloth. There are a lot of cleaning kits on the market that you can use.

Trust the instruction

Manufacturers know their devices and how to use them properly. They have done their research and come up with instructions to help you use your device. You should therefore follow their instructions to get the most out of the device.


It is very necessary to care for the batteries of your devices such as Thermtec Ares. Batteries can leak so you should remove them when not using the device.

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