Uttarakhand glacier disaster-Unknown facts

Are you all well aware of the occurrence of the Uttarakhand glacier disaster? It occurs when the water of lakes flows in a disastrous form. The cause of it is not specific. Several times different places have witnessed such glacier disasters. On 7th February 2021, the people of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand just faced such a fearful glacier disaster. River Ganga, Dhauli Ganga, and Alaknanda rivers went out of control and created such destruction in hilly areas. Sadly, 18 families have already lost their loved ones. So read this blog carefully to know the details of this incident that happened this Sunday afternoon.

Finding the cause or providing food, shelter-which one important?

This is a very appropriate question in this crucial moment. Because this Uttarakhand glacier disaster has closed all the paths through which villagers can collect their food. So in such a situation, food for them stood as a priority for the chief minister of Uttarakhand, for which the CM has made proper arrangements. But the efforts on the part of DRDO and ISRO to find out the reason behind the disaster are still on because such efforts will help avoid such instances in the future.

Tapovan Tunnel

It has been announced that 39 people are still there under the Tapovan Tunnel. It includes both senior officials and laborers.

An interesting but real story from the mouth of one rescuer.

Rakesh Bhatt, a laborer, involved in constructing the tunnel, got rescued and told his entire experience. When water entered into their working space, they did not take it seriously as they thought the rain was happening outside. But when mud and debris along with water came to their notice, they were all scared. They faced this scary disaster when they were busy working 300 m deep in the tunnel.  They were trying to boost each other and pray to god for their survival for about 6 hours. One of them also succeeded in contracting an officer through a cell phone. They tried their level best to come out of the tunnel. So they were very fortunate because many people are still not traceable by the rescuing team.

Is it Rishi Ganga project hugely damaged?

Yes, this is a fact but very heartbreaking as well. The Rishi Ganga project and the connector between China and 13 villages near the border got wiped entirely away due to Uttarakhand’s hazardous natural calamity. A report shows no trace of 5 villagers and 46 workers involved in the rishi Ganga project. Tapovan Vishnugad hydel project of NTPC also suffered sufficient damage, for which 172 laborers are still missing.

Donation by Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant, India’s batsman-wicket keeper, moved by this whole incident in Uttarakhand. So he decided to spend his match fee on the rescue efforts. He even called for the help of more and more people to speed up the rescue operations.

So hope for the Uttarakhand situation’s betterment as soon as possible as both national and international support is there with the Uttarakhand people. Declaration of relief package of Rs.20 crore came to the public notice by Uttarakhand Chief Minister in his Twitter account.

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