WhatsApp ready to launch seven new features in 2021

It is reported that Facebook-owned WhatsApp will launch new features in 2021 that will add a handful of new capabilities. In addition to rolling out new features regularly, WhatsApp also announced several highly anticipated additions to the platform this month, including the View Once, Disappearing mode, ability to tweak the Last Seen status, and the Multi-Device support for Android and iOS. Furthermore, WhatsApp plans to add the calling feature to its web and desktop interfaces.

The WABeta Info website tracks upcoming WhatsApp features, updates, and changes and provides screenshots of all these upcoming features. Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart, CEOs of Facebook and WhatsApp, announced a handful of new features earlier this year exclusively to WABetaInfo. Regarding upcoming features, others are currently undergoing beta testing, and others are in development mode.

Update the Last Seen status on a case-by-case basis:

Reports claim that WhatsApp will be adding the ability to adjust the last seen position of each contact as part of an attempt to enhance privacy, WABetaInfo reported.

Using the new feature, you will be able to opt-out of sharing your Last Seen status with specific contacts. Presently, you see three options available in the Last Seen setting: ‘My contacts,’ ‘Everyone,’ and ‘Nobody.’ But when the new feature comes, there will be one more option Which will let you select the particular contacts you want to share your last seen with.

​Facebook Messenger’s reaction message is similar to Instagram’s

Similar to Instagram and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is introducing message reactions. Users can respond to events using the feature. The Whatsapp user will need to hold the phone over the message they want to respond to and select an emoji from their screen. All members of the group will be able to view the reaction below the text.

Introducing tools to edit photos

The company’s upcoming new tools will edit photos and enable users to apply stickers before sending them. You can use Drawing Tools in the WhatsApp Web app or the desktop app to edit images before they are shipped.

A new design for chat bubbles

Shortly, WhatsApp will change the chat bubbles. It has been reported that the chat bubbles have been redesigned. Beta testers can test the new chat bubble design right now, making it more prominent, green, and rounded. You can choose between the options available for the chat bubbles.

Whatsapp to roll out the payment and insurance feature

WhatsApp is preparing a payment shortcut on the chat bar. Additionally to existing Payment options, the new feature will allow users to send payments quickly. As demonstrated by WABeta’s screenshots, it is located in the Camera and Attachments section

There is a good chance that Indian users will soon be able to purchase insurance via WhatsApp. Health insurance and micro-pension products are expected to be offered by the instant messaging app in India. Initially, it plans to sell pension schemes from HDFC and health insurance plans offered by SBI.

Voice message listening and read later features will be introduced.

The ability to hear voice messages before sending is provided through a new, convenient interface. Recorded voice messages can be listened to before they are shipped. Shortly, users will be able to listen to voice messages quickly with the addition of a stop button. A recorded voice message may be deleted if it is not liked.

An improvised chat archive system called ‘Read Later’ is reportedly under development by WhatsApp. Archived chats will be replaced by the new feature on Android and iOS.There will be a vacation mode with ‘Read Later,’ just like archived chats, and the users can also change their preferences.

Emojis that are not opened will be notified to users

In addition to messaging reactions, WhatsApp will also work on how users will perceive them. It will inform the Whatsapp user if the shared emoji does not appear in chat because they use a version that does not support such features.

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