Why did Facebook change the name to “Meta”? Know complete information about Facebook announcement 2021

Facebook is no longer Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during its 2021 event last night that Facebook will now be known in the name “Metaverse” and will focus on the Metaverse of a virtual world that will succeed the mobile Internet. The change in Facebook’s name is significant. According to the corporation, it encourages consumers to think about the future. The rebranding comes as Facebook is under fire after a whistleblower revealed internal research documents alleging that the social media company ignores hate speech for profit. Facebook is now attempting to shift attention away from its current issues by focusing on its future innovations.

According to the Facebook CEO, the future of the technology is the digital world where users can connect with each other and interact  with each others. In a “metaverse.” “If we all work at it, and within the next decade, the metaverse will reach a billion people, host hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce, and support jobs for millions of creators and developers,” during last night’s exhibition, Zuckerberg remarked.

A lot of metaverse’s work is still in progress. However, at last night’s event, the business introduced a range of software tools, including technologies that would allow individuals to control applications with their voice or hands. Facebook has also stated that it will be expanding its hardware offerings. During the ceremony Friday night, Zuckerberg remarked, “This is the next phase of our work, and we believe, for the internet broadly.”

In addition, Zuckerberg unveiled plans for a Horizon marketplace and a broader multiverse economy that can support a variety of experiences via AR, VR, and other devices such as smartphones and computers. Horizon contains a home area where users may design their own virtual home space and workrooms, according to Zuckerberg, who believes the metaverse will be the replacement to mobile Internet. Horizon Workrooms were first launched in August as the company’s tool for attending meetings and events in virtual reality as an avatar.

The Facebook CEO has expressed his vision for how the Metaverse will work and run. During the 2021 event Metaverse is a new name for Facebook. The Facebook 2021 event includes several hardware and software announcements. Zuckerberg discussed Facebook’s next-generation virtual reality headset, which might be called Cambria.

According to the business, Cambria would bring a screen closer to your eyes to give you a more immersive experience of being inside a virtual environment. In addition, the “Meta” Cambria headgear is also reported to detect facial emotion.

In addition to the corporate name, Facebook’s Oculus brand for virtual reality headsets will be phased out favor Meta. The Oculus Quest will be renamed the “Meta Quest” shortly.” The Facebook Portal video device will be renamed “Meta Portal” as well, “Possibly over the next several months.

Facebook also revealed that it is working on a pair of augmented reality smart glasses. The compnay, now known as Meta, aims to field-test its camera- and sensor-studded Project Aria research eyewear in other areas, including vehicles, with neural input bracelets.

During its Facebook Connect 2021 event, Facebook also unveiled new apps from a variety of partners. For example, Facebook has teamed up with Rockstar Games to deliver Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Oculus Quest 2 in virtual reality. In addition, the business said that it would collaborate with BMW to expand its intelligent eyewear research into automobiles.