Why The Need For Mobile Dentistry?

Young people can easily get to the dentist but mobile dentistry for seniors is the best idea since doctors calls were invented. Doctors have always visited the elderly at home, but it has been much harder for dentists. And that is why a mobile dentist with a mobile dental practice is brilliant.

Mobile dentist and mobile dental practices

A mobile dentist needs to have a chair and equipment which means mobile dentistry includes a fully kitted out mobile dental practice. This is normally in the shape of a good-sized mobile van. Once the client is inside it, it looks and feels just like an ordinary dental practice. There is a chair for the client, a chair for the dentist, a mirror, a cabinet with all the equipment and in most instances, a dental assistant and/or dental hygienist. Almost all dental procedures can be undertaken in a mobile dental van, including regular cleanings, fillings, root canal, dental implants, dentures and tooth whitening too. Although there are not too many seniors who go for tooth whitening, preferring just to have a healthy set of teeth.

An old aged home or care facility can generally set up the appointments and service of a mobile dentist. You can look online to see if there is senior dental care on a mobile basis,  in your area. 

We think mobile dentistry for seniors is definitely the best way to go for older people who cannot get to the dentist.

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