Why we celebrate the International Peace Day, 2021

Each year, September 21 is observed as International Day of Peace or World peace day. A special day for peace was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981 and is celebrated each year. The day was renamed to promote nonviolent and non-aggressive behavior after being designated a world peace day in the 1980s. It was observed and marked by the UN in 1981 as ceasefire and non-violence day.

This day aims to educate people on the importance of peace and happiness in their lives. It promotes a friendly environment where everyone is excellent and nobody is an enemy. It is essential to promote peace and love in our daily lives if we hope to survive these hardships.

World Peace Day theme for 2021

This year’s International Day of Peace, the theme is “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world.” For 2020, the United Nations had the theme “Shaping Peace Together.” In urging its members to step up and create a just, inclusive, sustainable, and healthy world, the international organization has emphasized the importance of helping everyone heal foster resilience. The topic pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 UN officials urge people to help the needy and comprehend current issues

According to a statement published by the United Nations, marginalized and disadvantaged people are most affected. For example, those affected by conflict may have missed out on crucial healthcare facilities, making them particularly vulnerable to a lack of healthcare. In addition to health, the UN emphasized the threat of climate change. This initiative urged to collaborate in creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and responding proactively to the impacts of climate change.

 International Day of Peace 2021: Significance

The UN encourages all people to show sympathy, kind-heartedness, and hope in celebration of this day. Join the UN in combating any use of the virus for racial discrimination or hatred. Consequently, it encourages peace. It also honors the contributions of individuals and organizations who contributed to the prevention and promotion of conflict. 

International Day of Peace 2021: History

1981 marked the first International Day of Peace established by the United Nations General Assembly. On the 20th anniversary of the creation of the day, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the designation as a period where everyone must practice non-violence and ceasefire. To maintain peace in the world, a change in the date of international holidays was intended to encourage people to work together.

UN Headquarters rings the Peace Bell on this day every year to commemorate the occasion. All continents except Africa contributed coins for the bell. The gift also served as a “memoir of the human cost of war,” especially as it reads, “Long live absolute world peace.”


An individual’s happy lifestyle depends on peace. Unfortunately, every person on this planet has experienced great hardship over the last few years due to the CAVID-19 pandemic. In addition to creating a health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic has also caused people to become depressed and mentally ill. In the covid-19 pandemic, mental health issues are on the rise with each passing day.

These deadly viruses cause extreme fatigue that leaves people unable to be happy. The cause of mental health issues is not just a pandemic. In the past few decades, mental health and violence issues have increased. In addition to honoring those who lost their lives due to this covid-19 pandemic, the day also commemorates healthcare workers who survived while saving others. In light of this, we must acknowledge the significance of this day and celebrate non-violence and peace not just on 21st September but all year round.

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