Why You’re Destined to Love Living in Destin, FL

There are fewer and fewer true destinations that one would like to live out the rest of their life in. And even fewer more so in the United States. If you’re looking for a new hometown for yourself and your family, somewhere you can be warm all year, look no further than Destin. Destin is your destination. Let’s review some of the best parts of living in this Florida town.

White Sands and Green Shores

Surprisingly, this gorgeous part of Florida is not located on the large peninsula part at all, but rather on its own little peninsula. The peninsula was actually originally an island but due to sea levels and hurricanes, the land is now a peninsula. There is Choctawhatchee Bay as well which dons the same beautiful turquoise waters. 

These gorgeous beaches are some people’s actual backyards and they can be your backyard as well. Most of the land that ties between the dotted islands are white sandbars. The sand comes down from the Appalachian mountains and deposits into the Gulf, creating finely ground crystal quartz.

These perks are just the tourist attractions, there’s even more that this quaint town offers. The weather is obviously always going to be amazing and you’re close to any other gulf traveling, fishing, or exploring you would like to partake in. 

All About Fishing

Many people move to the coastal cities specifically to fish the open seas. Destin is well known for its fishing ports. The city originally started as a small fishing village. Even the name of the city was named after a Connecticut fishing caption named Leonard Destin who settled in the area between 1845-1850.

The area is said to be home to the largest fleet of fishing vessels and you can experience this on a visit any time you would like. They can take you to any of the 12 access points to the white beaches. Every year, there is a fishing rodeo that has been operating since 1948 which brings anglers from far and wide to participate in this honored event. 

Since basically everything about the town ties back to fishing, there is also the Destin History & Fishing Museum. And to top all of it off, Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” due to the various depths available to fish. If you are looking at Destin houses for rent, I’m just going to assume you at least enjoy fishing.

Diversified Economy

Sometimes with strictly tourist towns, their only real source of income is through tourist businesses This generally creates an off-season where income is sparse. Not all tourist towns have this system , however, they may experience an event that requires their city to shut down such as weather damage, droughts, and crop issues. 

In Destin, there is an array of industries that dominate the market. The Navy base nearby has a lot to do with keeping the wheels turning on this city. This base trains some of the U.S. Navy’s best pilots. Other prominent industries include pharmaceutical and education. 

With a diversified market, you can almost always count on being able to stretch your money. If your local town is constantly bringing in new people, it can better provide for those who are long-term residents. Jobs and real estate will thrive due to this and create a healthy economy. This beachy town is probably among the top cities in the United States for long-term living. A great place to put down roots.

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