World Cancer Day 2021: History and Significance

What is Cancer? We all have different perceptions of cancer. When some category of cells grows abnormally in the body, we call it cancer. The time has changed, and people have also started fighting cancer bravely. But still, some people think their life comes to an end with cancer. Remember that we all can not have cancer. We all celebrate republic day, world heart day, and various other days. All these days have some history and importance in our lives. Likewise, we never forget to celebrate world cancer day. It has enough relevance and significance in everyone’s life. We all should respect the motive of celebrating this day. Let us discuss the history, significance, and theme of World Cancer Day in 2021:


In 2000, the Union for International Cancer Control 1993 introduced this day. Gradually they got the support of several international organizations. Paris was fortunate to experience the first world summit against cancer, where celebrating this day was taken. Charter of Paris against cancer document aimed at making investments for advanced treatment of cancer patients. Various cutting-edge research has made the prevention and early detection of cancer possible. This cancer day is a global initiative.

How is World Cancer Day celebrated on 4th February?

  1. UICC works hard to take people out of the trap of cancer and give them a long life. They do this all through the year.
  2. UICC works in association with the health care centers to make more and more people aware of cancer, its prevention, and treatment. It is done by arranging several educational campaigns and public announcements.
  3. Various articles are published, and products are designed keeping World cancer Day in mind. We often find small cups fashionably written on world cancer day.
  4. Various parades are organized. Events like an auction, gala concerts have also been beneficial for cancer patients’ fundraisings and spreading awareness. Television and radio speak about cancer for the entire week starting from 4th February.

This type of numerous event helps in removing several misconceptions of people about cancer. Many think that when old cells are dead, it means cancer. But it is certainly incorrect. In cancer, old cells remain intact, but new cells take the form of cancerous tumors. Remember that no need to fear every type of tumor.


Each time this day is celebrated, and each time, people are getting educated about this day’s importance. Various events on this day enable the removal of myths about cancer from the mind of familiar people. This day has helped to inform people about the advanced diagnosis method of cancer, available preventive measures. Many people have started identifying the symptoms of cancerous diseases with the celebration of this day.


In 2017, the slogan of this day was ‘I can, We can.’ It means that each individual must fight against cancer unitedly. In this way, they could point out the warning signs of cancer, its treatment, and early diagnosis. ‘I Am, I Will’ is the theme of 2021. It gives a sense of winning over cancer.

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