8 Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies, Brands Should Be Following In 2020

Why do you need to make your presence on Twitter for advertising? The answer is simple, the platform has over 145 million active users, and this is one of the most popular platforms that you can make your presence. Twitter can be the ideal platform for brands for virtual advertising. 77% of users of Twitter have a positive impact on brands that respond to their tweets. 

1. Build Relevant Followers

When you just kickstarted your Twitter account, you may see many accounts with thousands and millions of followers. For branding on Twitter, the number of followers is the most important thing but having the intended audience may sound better than having a huge crowd. Social media is overflown by lots of people, where you need to gain more exposure. The process needs to be strategic and logical. As the initial step of the process, gather a crowd for you. Do not anticipate everything should fall at the right place in a day, start by posting your content regularly and find your intended audience and engage with them. Always stick with the current trends to win the race. For creating your target audience customers try promotions service from Twitrounds and gain your audience. There are so many ways to gain relevant, truly engaging customers. For a startup, it is a good practice to hold your hands with similar industries and groups related to your product or service. 

2. Engage More

The time of engagement is the most important effort you need to make on every social platform. The engagement sessions include actions of responding to comments and so on. The fundamental engagement possibilities are micro conversations such as feedback, question, and answer sessions. 45% of consumers use social media to communicate brands to solve their queries. The ultimate way to drive traffic on any social media is by creating quality content that is the natural way to attract the audience. Content is always a king! Higher engagement leads to an increase in the time of engagement up and never down. 

3. Engage In Conversation

Nowadays every social platform has a messaging option that allows two individuals to engage with the personal chat. As a social platform, Twitter connects users to what they want to share in real-time. This may include getting product or service details, giving feedback, getting delivery details and sharing their personal opinion. This strategy may give you loyal and truly intended followers for your brand.

Brands can take advantage of Twitter chats to increase the growth of a brand in 2020. People will not engage with you unless you have information-rich stuff and an innovative way to present your stuff. Do not forget to utilize the features and data from analytical tools to learn what worked and what isn’t. Before getting into conversation ensure that your focus is on engagement and discussion and not only on selling your products & services. The way you communicate with your customers may affect your brand positively or negatively based on your handling method.  

4. Implement Hashtags

The fact is Twitter is the first platform that introduced hashtag on social media, hashtags are said to increase the exposure and gain target audience. Another amazing fact is, tweets with hashtags generate more engagement rates than tweets without hashtags?

Incorporating hashtags to your tweets is the way to improve your influence on Twitter. For better reach with hashtags follow the below, 

  • Create unique and relevant
  • Trending and memorable tags
  • Stick on the count
  • Do not overuse


Over usage and irrelevant hashtags may feel spammy to your audience as on twitter algorithm, tweets with more than two hashtags are unfortunately decreasing the engagement rate by 17%. 

5. Optimize Your Profile And Posts

A complete bio and attractive profile are what people should know about you, for that find a way to create an artistic way to craft your profile. You have only 160 characters to describe who you are, so be choosy of words to represent your brand on Twitter. 

6. Create Interactive Content

Getting your followers engaged is not a dream anymore! Use Twitter polls to thoughts of your followers about your brand, products. To make your story poll visible for too long, Pin your Twitter poll at the top of your feed. This makes your poll live for so long and will collect more responses. There should be valuable content, then you can request your followers to retweet your poll. Collect the information and make a post of it to encourage your followers to cast their votes. 

7. Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are another content creation for getting more responses from your customers. Fun quizzes can be an effective way to get into it. For instance, ask any questions that are fun to answer or you can ask your customer to share a comment or title for your post. 

Giveaways are another efficient way which is also a proven way to keep your customers stay on your post. Announce a product for your customer as a reward. You can integrate contests and giveaways together to make it more realistic. Do follow your promises and choose a follower based on their efforts and reward them. Do post these memories on Twitter to your feed, it can increase the number of participants in the future. 

8. Keep Track Of Your Analytics

Analytics is always the best option to keep your growth rate up and this is an effective way to optimize your stuff. Analytics lets You determine your marketing success in the specified areas and describes in which area you need to focus on. Below are the benchmarks that define your business reach. 

Metrics To Track Your Growth On Twitter

Since the goal for every business is to expand the customer reach and increasing the sales, the benchmarks to measure the success rate may also same. But some goals may vary.  

  1. Engagement Rate Analyze the number of followers, retweets, favorites, click-throughs, hashtag link clicks, and replies. 
  1. Impressions: count how many times your tweets appeared on one of your audience’s timelines(including non-followers). 
  1. Hashtags: Pick your outperformed hashtag which is used by most of your audience.
  2. Top Tweets: Find your top retweets with its engagement rate. 


There are plenty of ways we can use for social media advertising, Twitter is one of the most important platforms where you need to make start campaigning to grow your brand, also social media allows brands to learn much about other brands and their marketing strategies. The above strategies may help you to create a successful marketing plan for 2020. 


I am Clara Allen who is a copywriter and content writer, specialized in ghost blogging, email marketing, campaigns, and sales pages. I love working with WordPress and doing it in the right way. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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