Effective Styling Tricks to Hide Oily Hair

Oily hair is not big problem as few people consider it. Sometimes we feel awkward to go outside with oily hair. But trust me this is not a big problem. Well, in this article we are going to share some effective styling tips and tricks that are help you to hide your oily hair. Hope these tips are helpful for you. Read below:


The dry shampoo was born to meet the needs of hair hygiene when, for whatever reason, we do not have time to wash it in the conventional way.

Dry shampoo has a series of virtues that we cannot mention. It helps us, as we have already said, to keep our hair clean in the event of an unforeseen or emergency, but we can also use it to add more volume and shine to the hair.

If you also wear bangs, you will know that the bangs are the part of the hair that gets the most dirty, is in contact with makeup and directly receives impurities such as dust, pollution, etc. For this reason, regardless of whether or not they have oily hair, more and more women use this type of product to always keep it perfect.

Now, how to use a dry shampoo. First we must have the hair completely dry, place the spray at a distance of approximately twenty centimeters, take a side lock and apply the spray, while you apply it, do not forget to move the hair with your fingers to separate the strands from the roots . Start from the sides first, then take the strands from the top until you reach the nape of the neck.

Applied on the root we will get much more volume and body. Once you have finished applying the product, wait 5 minutes and then gently brush the hair and that’s it. If you want you can also use the hairdryer. Read more about the great actor Ralph Macchio and his mum Rosalie Macchio


Another way to get out of trouble quickly is to sprinkle talcum powder on the roots . Talcum powder is a mineral of the silicate type and therefore it is very astringent , that is, it absorbs, in our case, the oil from the hair.


Another quick solution to hide greasy or dirty hair is to cover the most visible areas with a nice scarf or ribbon . In this way, we will not only manage to conceal but also draw attention to our scarf and not to our hair. This hairstyle can be worn with both short hair and long hair.


As we have already said, the best way to hide oily hair is to cover or hide the roots . If we cover that visible part with a headband we will achieve the effect we are looking for. Now, we can do it with a normal headband or braid our hair, if we have it long, and pass it over the head covering the roots.

If we have short hair, we can use hairpieces , that is, headbands that simulate a braid of natural hair. Yes, be careful and choose a color the same as that of your hair. Lemonade Braids is a good option if you have oily hair. Also, you can do ponytail lemonade braids that’s look amazing on you.


Do not cancel your plans for going out with friends or family because of your oily hair. Use (discussed above) such amazing tricks if you have applied oil just before any plan. Well, nowadays everything is like trendy fashion. If you have not been convinced by any of the options that we have proposed, it may be useful to know a couple of infallible beauty tricks.

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