Useful Tips On How To Throw A Mexican-Themed Party

If you want to hire Mexican catering Los Angeles and throw a Mexican-themed party then there are a few important things you need to know. You can combine a range of bright oranges, pinks, blues and yellows for the ultimate Mexican-themed party. There are some must-haves you need to consider such as decorations, a variety of games, and tableware.

Choose your venue

If you want to throw a Mexican-themed party, it is important to consider the location. The best location should be outside. This could be at your local pack or in your back garden. You need to set up a little area and lay out some picnic blankets. If you are unlucky with the weather then you can still host the party in your house if the weather forecast is not looking good. Make sure you have bright and colorful decorations for your party.

Table decorations

The next thing to consider is the tableware for your party. You can say goodbye to the traditional paper plates and take it to the next level with the right colors. You can serve your food on paper plates that are avocado-shaped and cactus-shaped cups. To complete the look, you can use wooden cutlery alongside. You can even stock up on margarita glasses for the adults and add some extra touch.

Viva La Fiesta decorations

Make sure you have a few decorations for the entire party. Some Mexican catering companies can do the decorations but if they don’t provide decoration services then you can arrange your own decorations. Do not worry about sticking to one color because you need more colors to achieve a Mexican theme. You should look for bright colored curtains. This is the perfect way to add some color to your party.

Pair them alongside a range of Mexican buntings for a fiesta theme. Alternatively, if you are keeping your party simple or don’t have a lot of time then you could hang up a few fun Mexican fringe balloons. They will give your venue a wow factor while requiring little preparation.

You can pair a cactus balloon alongside cactus bunting and Llama for the most epic setup. Bright pom poms and green glitter foiling will not go unnoticed. These decorations are straightforward and easy and require little preparation.

Create a Mexican bar cart

A bar cart is not mandatory but it adds something extra to your party. It will make your party look impressive in the photos. You can have some fun spicing up the bar cart ready for your party but if you want some inspiration then you can always find inspiration online.

Mexican fun and games

As your Mexican catering Los Angeles serves some of the best Mexican food, your guests could be busy enjoying some games and having fun. You can create your own games at your party and get everyone laughing. You can try the hoopla cactus party game, the tequila skittles game, avocado piñata, photo booth props and many more.

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