Different Types Of Website Designs You Need To Know

Before you start your website designs in New South Wales (NSW)project, it is important to understand the different types of web design available and which one you need for your business. Impressive web design can improve various aspects of your company including increasing sales and revenue. If you are hoping to develop an effective and attractive website, it is important to understand which types of web designs are the best for your business or company. Read on as we talk about the types of web designs you should consider.

Single page

These are websites that have all their information on one page. The page can be as long as the web designers want, allowing users to scroll down to see all the information. When it comes to developing this design, a lot of organizations and companies use a linear journey to create a flow of information. This type of web design can be versatile because it has unique uses such as being used to tell the story of the company, and selling products and can be used for artists to share their portfolios and story.

Static website

This is a website with little information but no user interaction. The design of the website is often consistent on all platforms. In most cases, the website is created with basic code such as CSS or HTML and has a number of web pages that can generate a low cost for the creation of the site. Because this type of website design is simple and has a limited ability to interact with users, these websites can relay information instead of selling services and goods.

Dynamic website

A dynamic website allows users to interact with the content of the website, creating a more exciting and active website design. The code to develop these types of websites requires more versatility and they are often designed with PHP, ASP and JavaScript. Because of their intricate design and model, these websites can cost more money to create compared to static websites. They also require more time to create. However, they can relay information and engage visitors.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites change their layouts and display depending on the size of the device or browser. Whether the website is being viewed on a computer or a mobile device, the webpage will manipulate itself and wrap the text and scale the images to fit the size of the screen. This type of web design has a lot of benefits to organizations because it allows users to browse through products and information on different devices easily.

Liquid design

A website with a liquid design behaves in a similar way as a responsive design, except it does not manipulate the layout of the web page depending on the screen’s size. The design stretches or shrinks the entire page to fit the size of the window and this can be helpful for pages that do not want to sacrifice important information depending on the size of the browser. But this type of website design NSW can cause the design to have warped text or very small text when viewing it on screens that are too large or too small.

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