Get To Know About The Application Process Of Working Holiday Visa 462

Do you wish to travel all about Australia and at the same time work in the country? If you say yes, then, it’s high time that you make your dream come true. All you need to do for that is to apply for the Working Holiday Visa 462 in an effective manner. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for twelve months. Make sure you meet all the pertinent eligibility criteria and other requirements to grab your 462 visa with flying colours.

The application process of the Working Holiday Visa 462

The application process of the working holiday visa 462 is quite easy and simply. There are a few steps you need to implement back to back to obtain your 462 visa successfully. So, to get started you need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of this visa which include the following:

  • You should prove adequate funds to purchase the return airfare or should have already purchased one.
  • Make sure that you have access to adequate funds to support your entire stay in Australia.
  • You should be offshore while the Australian Immigration Department grants you the Working Holiday Visa 462.
  • Make sure that you have met the relevant health requirements
  • Aside, you also need to meet the character requirements
  • As the primary applicant, you need to comply with the pertinent academic criteria too
  • Through substantial evidence you need to prove your English language competency. In case you belong to a native speaking nation, you need not meet this English language criterion and
  • You should be the holder of a valid passport from an eligible nation

The Department of Home Affairs requires you to be the passport holder of an eligible country. It is only after that when you will be allowed to apply for the visa subclass 462 effectively. Besides, you must not be accompanied by dependant kids while staying in Australia with this particular visa.

Preparation of essential documents

So, after you meet the basic eligibility criteria stated above, you need to prepare the right set of documents now. A checklist of these imperative documents can be considered below.

  • A certified copy of your banking statement to prove that you have access to adequate funds. Through this document, you will be able to prove that you can support your whole stay in Australia. According to this criterion, you need to show a minimum amount of AUD5, 000.
  • Two passport sized photos which have been clicked recently. The dimension of these two photos should be 35mmX45mm. Aside, your name should be written on the backside of the photos in a printed format.
  • A certified copy of your valid Birth Certificate and
  • Certified copies of the first two biographical pages of your valid passport

Currently, the cost of the work and holiday subclass 462 is AU$485. This charge applies to the First, Second as well as the Third Working Holiday Visa 462.

Time to apply for the Work and Holiday Visa 462

You need to fill out form number 1208 correctly with genuine pieces of information.  If you are a native resident of the United States, then you can apply online as well as an alternative option. You simply need to visit the official site of the Australian Government to serve this purpose effectively. Besides, you can also lodge the application of your 462 visa at the Immigration Office of Australia pertaining to your eligible country of passport. To complete this task, make sure that you belong to any of the countries given below.

  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Argentina or
  • Chile

Alternatively, you need to submit your application at the Australian Consulate Office if you belong to either China or Malaysia.  In case, you are the native citizen of Uruguay, then Australian Immigration Office in Buenos Aires is the place where you need to submit your application. Submit your valid application at the Australian Immigration Office in Berlin, if you belong to certain countries. These include nations like Spain, Portugal or that of Poland.

Subsequent steps

So, the Department of Home Affairs will notify you as soon as they receive your application along with the correct documents. After your application has been approved, you need to implement the following steps back to back.

  • Payment of Visa Fee: You need to pay the correct visa fees to the Department of Home Affairs which is AUD485 as already told above.
  • Submission of Biometrics: The Department of Home Affairs might ask you to submit your biometrics. In case they do, please submit your photos along with your authentic fingerprints to them.
  • Travel Restriction: After you apply for the Visa Subclass 462, you must not arrange to fly all the way to Australia. Meanwhile wait for a decision, i.e. the approval of your visa subclass 462 visa from the Australian Immigration Department.

The average processing time of the visa subclass 462 generally varies between thirty eight to seventy five days depending on the accuracy of your application. If you feel, you need top-notch immigration assistance, the best Immigration Agent Perth is there to assist you in this matter.

Await a decision

So, you have met all the crucial requirements given above and have submitted your application, right? Subsequently, you need to wait for a decision regarding the final outcome of your Subclass 462working holiday visa. In case the Department of Home Affairs grants your 462 visa, they will provide you with the following:

  • The potential conditions of your visa
  • The commencement date of your 462 visa subclass and
  • The approval number of your 462 visa subclass

So, make sure that you submit an error-free application of your Working Holiday Visa 462. Do it in assistance of a registered migration agent Perth to ensure the finest outcome of your visa application. On a final note, you need to keep a copy of the final verdict of your 462 visa while you are in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a top-notch immigration consultant Perth today! Rest assured your Migration Agent Perthwill ensure the most satisfying 462 visa application for you.

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