What Do You Know About The Social Media Life Of Your Kid?

Does every teenager love secrecy and privacy more than anything or just mine is the odd one?.I guess this generation likes a certain touch of mystery. Maybe the advanced technology has made them up like this otherwise inmy time we were unable to swallow the food before we share every story of the day at the dinner table. There was no hiding or secrecy from parents. But now everyone knows about everything except the parents. I don’t understand this habit of teens and the young generation. They will share they had a bad day with strangers on Facebook but will not dare to discuss that with the mom or dad.

So when my neighbor appreciated the great artwork of my teenager which I was completely unaware of,that was my limit.  As I do not use social media and she is following her on Instagram so that’s how she knew more about my teenager than me who is living with her in the same house. I was planning to make an account on all the social media when my husband reminded me that what if I still don’t get what I want after going through all the hard work. For the record yes it is hard for a middle-aged woman to learn about all the social media apps and stuff. Those remarks were enough to trigger me so before I exploded he instantly providethe alternative solution. I can skip all the hard work and pay some money to know all about the digital life of my daughter. Well hell yes I can do that. So I did it right away and got the TheOneSpy mobile tracker app for my teenager.

The parental control feature list is enormous and huge and has been a blessing for my parenting life. Now I can know all about her social media and instant messaging chat life and activities just with a click. Here is how you can know more about your teenager’s digital life with TheOneSpy.

Find Out What They Post On Instagram:

The mobile tracker offers an Instagram spy app for the parents who do not know the Instagram id of the teenager or do not use social media. Yes, you don’t need to make an account to know about the social media activities so your teen. Check out all the newsfeed activities of the teen,what they post on Instagram,how many followers or following they have, and much more with the Instagram spy app.You can also check the Instagram dm and voice message record as well with this app.

Know About the Disappeared Snaps:

Snapchat is unique in the sense that it offers the user to make your chat or snap disappear within seconds. Thus no record of sent or received snaps on the teenager’s device. But don’t worry TheOneSpymobile tracker saves the record for you. Even if the chat or conversation gets disappeared from the target device you can check the content by using the Snapchat spy app.

What About The Dating Life?

Technology has made advancement in such a surreal way that now you can even find a partner online through dating apps. Tinder is the app that offers to choose your partner by just swiping right or left. If you are worried that your teenager might meet any sociopath or sexual offender through the app then it is might be necessary to monitor their dating life. TheOneSpy offers tinder spy app.You can keep an eye on their taste and interest and can even block the internet by using the spy app in case you find them interacting with any weird person.

Is He The Geek Type?:

If you have a kid that gives more of a geek vibe and is an artistic soul then he might be on Tumblr.Use TheOneSpy to know more about the kid with the Tumblr spy app.

Make sure you install the app in your teenager’s gadget when you have physical access to it and it is not password encrypted. As it will be difficult to install the app on the target device that is password protected. Check out the other useful feature apart from social media and instant message chat app monitoring and make the best use of the parental control app the TheOneSpy.

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