6 Essentials To Carry In Your Bicycle Bag

Australia is known for its vibrant sporting scene. And you cannot talk about sports in kangaroo county without mentioning cycling! As home to a solid bicycling culture and the much sought-after Australian National Road Race Championship finding the right riding gear here is a cakewalk. You can get everything from bicycle bags in Australia to modern bike accessories. Quite likely, you have a slew of tools next to you, and you’re not sure which ones can be used and which items you can stay at home to spare your back from the extra weight. Well, you’ve reached the right place because here is a compiled list of bike bag essentials for you!

These are absolute must-haves to have in your bag every time you ride:

Multi-tool Kit: A loosened stem bolt, a gear adjustment, or a slipping saddle necessitate a fast roadside fix. These simple tasks will be hard to complete without a multi-tool, putting your vehicle at risk. When choosing a multi-tool, ensure it has the essentials, such as the right size Allen keys, wrenches, and other speciality tools specific to your bicycle’s components. Put together your shattered parts using the link; then you’re back on track or trail in no time.

Inner Tube: Perhaps the most apparent item, you must have at least one extra inner tube if you would not want to be stuck on the road. Even though tubeless tyres reduce the likelihood of a flat tyre and don’t need an inner tube, a brake that won’t fill can still occur. Because it’s doubtful that you’ll have a spare tyre, an inner tube can be utilised to bring you to the house in your flat tubeless tyre.

Valve Extender: Given the dynamic Australian terrain, you can expect a challenging ride if you’re not well prepared. As home to approximately 3.5 million, bicycle riders you have plenty of valve extender options. And here is when investing in bicycle bags in Australia can be a viable option. Stack your aerodynamic wheelsets with a wide section rim in there. You’ll need a lengthy valve stem to blow up these rims. While the tubing in your rim now has a long valve, the only one you need to lend from a buddy or store in your saddlebag may not. It’s probable that without a valve extender, airing it up will be difficult.

Quick Link: Broken chains do occur, and they don’t have to be a significant inconvenience or spoil your ride. A fast link is a method of repairing a broken chain rapidly and, in certain situations, without the need for tools.

Canister For CO2: A pump is an alternative, but airing up road tyres to the needed psi and higher with a CO2 canister is faster, lighter, and more manageable. The only danger you face here is incorrectly connecting the nozzle, which might result in air escaping everywhere except within your tubing. As a result, carrying two is typically a bright idea.

Personal Belongings: It is true that your bag only has limited space. If you have the space, a tiny lunch bag with personal goods such as an eye drops case full of sunscreen, Tylenol for that unexpected thumping headache, and gauze in case you spill something might be helpful. If you don’t have enough space, use the jersey pockets.

A backpack will suffice if you’re only biking a few miles to work and need minimal things. However, if you want to ride farther or need to haul more – such as shopping – allowing your bike to support the burden makes things much more pleasant. It’s also more stable with that load lower to the ground.

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