How to Always Keep Your House in Mint Conditions

Keeping your house in top condition isn’t as hard as you think. The largest benefit is that you’ll never have to worry about spontaneous visitors. The trouble of having to clean it somehow with tight schedules before friends come over will also be saved. If you like it or not, cleaning and regular junk removal are at the center of it. It’ll be a lot easier if you get assistance from professionals such as Jiffy Junk.

Remove All Clutter From Surfaces at Least Weekly

No matter which room, we tend to clutter any table and worktop we have all the time. Be it old newspapers left on the coffee or side table or wrappers and notes. At best, you take care of mini removal each time you create it. But sometimes life or your mind has other plans and you forget about it.

Take a bin bag and check each room for visible clutter at least once a week. Put any obvious trash into the bin bag for removal, put everything else resting on surfaces where it belongs. Give the surface a wipe with a wet cloth afterwards and you’re all set.

Remove All Clutter From Surfaces at Least Weekly
Remove All Clutter From Surfaces at Least Weekly

Remove All Clutter From Surfaces at Least Weekly

This one should be rather obvious and is especially helpful in the kitchen. Once you’re done cooking and have had your meal, but the stuff you used back to where it belongs. Rinse any used dishes and cutlery and put them into the dishwasher immediately. It’ll avoid food remains drying out which will save you a lot of time. And here you’ll notice why it’s valuable to always clear out your dishwasher after each use. If you don’t, you’ll not be able to remove dirty dishes after each use and start to pile them up at the sink. As soon as everything is put away, take a wet cloth to clean your worktop and your sink. Put any trash into the bin bag for junk removal.

Organize Your Recycling

It seems like quite a hassle to separate your junk for recycling, but you’ll get the hang of it with appropriate bins in place. Put up one for composting, one for paper and one for glass. Each time you’ve got some trash to do away with, you’ll only have to put it into the corresponding bin. Once junk removal comes around, put it outside. You’re saving them the worry of having to separate the trash for you. Alternatively, you can hand it to the professional junk removers after a spring or fall clean.

Organize Your Recycling
Organize Your Recycling

Do That Spring or Fall Clean – Or Both

You can create quite a mess in your home by accumulating clutter. Throughout a year you stop using items either for evolving lack of interest or simple forgetfulness. At best, you’re doing a deep clean of your home biannually which you can couple with a spring and fall clean. Spring cleans let you dust off the cold season and you get to prepare your garden for the warm season. Once that’s passed, you pack it all in again but can check if anything has gotten out of use. Instead of waiting for the next spring clean, do a fall clean and let go of broken outdoor items immediately. They’d only gather dust.

For spring and fall cleans you’ll do well at starting with your weekly habit to first collect all the obvious trash from every room for removal. Then you go room by room to take everything out of your shelves and cabinets to check if you still need all you’ve got. Take three boxes for sale items, donations and junk removal to organize. Give each section a wipe before putting things back into their section. Check if any furniture needs upgrading and schedule a junk removal.

You may think at first it’s probably not worth it to do such a serious clean twice a year. You’d have to call junk removal services twice instead of just once. Remember that junk removal services base their fees on the volume of your junk. The less you have for them to haul away, the more money you can save. At the same time, you always keep the clutter at bay.

Do That Spring or Fall Clean - Or Both
Do That Spring or Fall Clean – Or Both

Set Up Daily Routines

Keeping your house clean isn’t a matter of cleaning it once in a while. You can surely do it, but then it’ll take extra long each time you’re cleaning your home from top to bottom.


Start with daily routines, such as:

  • Doing your bed every morning after you got up
  • Let your vacuum robot clean one room a day while you’re at work
  • Clean your kitchen every evening to prep it for the next morning
  • Always take the junk with you if you’re leaving a room
  • Do laundry every day (with a family)


These might be relatively small routines, but they can help a lot. A bed that’s made already provides you with a more organized feeling, even though visitors hardly see your bedroom. For people whose top priority isn’t cleaning, a robot can help out perfectly. Just lock it into a room and when you’re back home it’s already clean. And if you’re leaving a room, such as your living room after a Netflix binge session, take that popcorn bowl with you and put it right into the dishwasher. It’ll save you the trouble of taking care of it the next day.

Parting Words

Desks are fairly easy to clutter and for a while, you may need a certain amount of clutter to finish work projects. But once you’re done, it’s time for the clutter to disappear. You don’t have to declutter thoroughly as often when you’re doing spring and fall cleans. However, you’ll be done sooner with those, too, if you keep your clutter in check. Sometimes, we forget about putting things away when we don’t need them anymore due to tight schedules. Here’s your chance to streamline spring and fall cleans for junk removal from the start.

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