Comparison of Top 5 Best Mobile Tracker

Do you have any adult in your social circle who lives without a personal mobile phone? If yes then I am completely surprised by this fact. Usually, people like those are hard to find and there is almost minimal chance of their existence. Mobile phones have practically taken over our lives.No one can live without it even it is impossible to spend a day or hour without the use of a mobile phone. The smartphone can be your logbook,web search box,entertainment site, news channel,a meeting place,a class,a camera so and so forth. The different variety of uses make this the mandatory entity of any human’s life.  With this dote the antidote every one need is the mobile tracker app and features. Here is a list of some useful apps that can minimize the destructive effects of cellphone technology.

5)Find Me:

Find me is an app that let the user share their location up to a certain distance. It is one of the apps that be used for assuring the safety and wellbeing of the target.This app is mostly used by parents to keep a strict eye on teenagers and minors. The parental restriction is also available in this app. But one of the major drawbacks of this app is that it is only available for ios devices.

4) Familonet:

This app is another useful app mainly forthe family who wants to know about the well-being of their teenagers and kids.This mobile tracker app offers chat options,can create multiple groups, and a panic button for emergency alerts as well. But unfortunately, one of the most demanding and needed features is the panic button feature is not free.One needs to pay a certain amount to buy the panic button feature for the target person. So if you are looking for a free app this one is not for you.


It is another top-rated app that is loved by parents as they offer excellent parental control features.Theoffered feature include app blocking,geo-fencing,screen time monitoring, and real-time location alert. The app offers different packages and even offers 3 days free trial for a premium package.

2)One Spy App:

If you are in search of a relatively inexpensive app but want most of the features then this one is for you. Theone spy app offersa reasonable package for its users. The list of the features includes GPS location finder,Social media monitoring, Surrounding monitoring, call recorder,message tracker, and many more. All the features can be used as parental control as well as employee monitoring feature. Oen of the drawback of this app is that it does not offer a web filtering feature.


OgyMogy is one of the best mobile tracker appsfor all kinds of users. Whether you need a parental control app an employee monitoring software or an app for individual personal use this one is for. The feature is offered in the form of a set. So the user has got freedom of choice to select the package that contains most of the desired features. The installation process is also very simple and easy and the best thing is that the user-friendly interface makes this app easy to access for all kinds of people.  Theinstallation process usually takes 5 minutes but can vary depending upon the user end model. They also offer refund policies with terms and regulations but you can always double-check the compatibility of your model or device before purchasing the software. The OgyMogy offer service for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. Different packages can make it easy for all kinds of users who want to invest less or more in the spy app. The list of the spy app features is as follows.

Gps Location Tracking: That allows the user to know about the pinpoint location of the target.

Safe Area: Mark safe and restricted areas on Google map for the target.

Call Log: keep track of  call log

Text Message Tracking: Know about the text message content of the target person along with details of the contact.

Access ToPhoto Folder:  Without Knowing the password check the photo of the target.

WebFiletring: Block any useless site from the target device

Track Browsing History: Track the browsing history of the target person.

Use these apps to keep a check on the target person remotely with ease.

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