Dental Care Tips For Keeping Older Teeth Healthy

Nursing home dental care is a vital part of growing older as older citizens face a wide range of potential dental health issues. Maintenance such as brushing and flossing your teeth and routine dental exam is key to ward off a lot of health issues that come from the mouth.

Dental care and aging

Dental care gets more important as you get old. Older citizens have a higher rate of dental decay, gum disease, oral cancer and more conditions. Whilst seniors are at high risk for dental problems, a lot of them do not have access to the resources they require. Seniors who are at a higher risk for oral health conditions but do not have the resources needed to get dental care are likely to create a breeding ground for more problems. Advancing age puts a lot of seniors at risk for several health complications such as dry mouth, darkened teeth, tooth loss, diminished sense of taste, uneven jawbone, thrush, denture-induced stomatitis, root decay and gum disease.

Most of these oral health complications can cause more problems than discomfort. If left untreated, they can become serious and even life-threatening issues. Therefore, it is crucial for seniors to not only take good care of their teeth but also recognize potential concerns.

The conditions of the mouth

Seniors with economic challenges, seniors who live in nursing homes and disabled seniors are likely to have poor oral health. This is why a mobile dental clinic is important. It ensures such seniors get the necessary services.

Signs of unhealthy gums and teeth

Gum disease results from poor flossing and brushing habits. Not taking good care of your teeth and gums regularly can cause a buildup of bacteria and plaque. This can cause bleeding gums, sore gums, trouble chewing and even tooth loss. There are several symptoms to watch out for that could signal unhealthy teeth and gums. These signs include loose or sensitive teeth, bad breath, receding gums, tender or swollen gums and painful chewing.

A trip to your dentist can identify gum disease and diagnose it as well as treat it. It is crucial to go ahead with gum disease so that it does not lead to other complications or worsen. Some symptoms of gum disease could be a sign of a serious condition such as oral cancer.

Common medical conditions affecting oral health in seniors

Oral health for seniors can be associated with the rest of your health. There are a lot of health conditions common among seniors that can lead to dental problems such as gum disease. Senior citizens who have these problems should watch out for how their dental health is affected. Conditions that can affect dental health include heart disease, arthritis, COPD and diabetes.

Medication that affects the mouth

Nursing home dental care can be challenging because seniors are often on several medications that can cause health problems such as a dry mouth. A dry mouth happens when medications affect the natural production of saliva. There are a lot of drugs that can cause this problem including antibiotics, antidepressants, opioids, diuretics, and more.

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