How to do corporate catering and save money

Corporate catering Orange County can grow your business and build your reputation. Giving your clients, employees and guests healthy and tasty meals can improve their morale, impressions and relationships. Whether you are planning a client meeting, company-wide lunch, or a special event, professional catering is a great way to ensure everyone is happy.

As a business owner, you have some questions about how the whole thing works. This guide will help you understand catering for corporate events and make good decisions to keep your costs low.

Caterer sourcing

Getting the right caterer for your event takes a lot of time. You can get the best caterer for your event by comparing services, prices and reputation. Some corporate caterers may be fully booked for your event date. You can solve this problem by asking other event planners and business owners in your network for trustworthy recommendations.

Use online directories and search engines to get local caterers. Look for ratings and reviews to get a good idea of the quality of the services they offer. After compiling a shortlist, ask questions to know the services offered, whether they have industry and catering experience, how they accommodate people with dietary restrictions and allergies and so on.

By asking these important questions and researching their reputation and services, you can find caterers that meet your needs and provide high-quality services for your event.

Menu planning

Work with your catering company to plan the menu for your corporate event. Your caterer will discuss the type of event, the number of guests and any allergies and dietary restrictions with you. Based on your unique needs, the catering company will create a menu that meets your needs. The menu can include entrees, appetizers and desserts. Your caterer will review the menu with you and offer a detailed cost breakdown that includes labor, food, and other costs. Caterers may require a deposit or a full payment before creating a menu for you.

Menus for catering

There are different types of menus you can use for your catering event. Some of the most popular menus include boxed lunches, breakfast menus, sit-down, buffet style, family style service, action stations, food trucks, cocktail reception, and so on.

Preparation of food

After finalizing your menu, the catering company purchases, cooks and delivers the food. A lot of companies use commercial kitchens to prepare food for events. Some clients have preferences for food preparation. If the event is at a location that doesn’t have a kitchen, the client may request the food to be prepared off-site.

Deliver and setup

It is important to consider the logistics when planning an event. This includes providing the caterer with power, site, equipment and water. Food delivery may include using containers and bags to keep food at the right temperature.

Staff service

The corporate catering Orange County company may provide extra employees to serve food depending on the type of event. This includes bartenders, servers and other staff members needed to run the event. Service staff costs an extra price because it is an extra service.

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