Different types of car scratches and how to fix them

Car scratch repair Sydneycan preserve your vehicle and restore its look. A minor scratch on your vehicle is not just annoying but it could potentially expose your car paint or the metal beneath to elements and reduce the resale value of your vehicle. The good news is that a lot of issues are fixable, as long as you have the right know-how and tools. Prompt auto body scratch repair is essential as delaying it will expose the metal or paint underneath to elements. If selling your car or trading it off can be a possibility shortly, doing car scratch repair is very important. However small, bodywork problems may impact the trade-in estimates you get.


Causes of car scratches

There are a lot of causes of car scratches that you need to know to avoid them in the future. Here are some of the most common causes of scratches.


Improper washing

Keeping your vehicle clean can preserve its overall upkeep and appearance. You should visit a car wash to have your vehicle cleaned by a professional. However, not all car wash establishments are equal so you should choose a car wash establishment that has a reputation for doing a quality job.


Road debris

Whenever you are driving behind another vehicle, there is potential for small stones and pebbles to be kicked up by the offending car tires and onto your hood, bumper or roof, which can result in rock chips. You cannot do much to prevent this from happening other than avoiding following large tracks whenever possible.



Vandalism can lead to costly mobile car repairs. It is gut-wrenching to discover that someone has taken a sharp object and scraped the paint off your car. Unfortunately, this kind of damage is quite expensive and severe to fix. If you face this kind of damage, you should call a professional.



Collision will leave scratches on your vehicle. Unless the contact is minor, you should call a professional to look at the vehicle and fix the problem.


Fixing scratches

Before fixing scratches on your vehicle, you should know the primary methods of repairing your car scratch damage.



If you have minor surface blemishes or car scratches, buffing is a cheap and easy solution. All you have to do is to wash your car and dry it then apply scratch remover or any other rubbing compound to a microfiber towel then rub it against the affected section for about one minute in a back-and-forth motion. Allow it to dry and buff off the excess with another dry towel.



This is another effective method of doing car scratch repair Sydney. A professional car detailing job can make your car look new and shiny, both outside and inside. The pros have different pads, polishes, and polishing machines to do this task. These are efficient and quick tools for removing the thin top layer of the clear coat where there is a superficial car scratch, hence levelling the area.

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