Understanding the top reasons you need a professional mold inspection

Mold testing Orange Countyor mold inspection alerts you to mold that is growing inside your rental, home or commercial property. Professional inspectors will examine your property and locate signs of excess moisture, active infestations and water damage. Professional mold testing diagnoses the kinds of mold in your building. Mold testing involves air testing and surface testing.


In air testing, professional inspectors will check for the concentration of mold spores in indoor air while surface testing involves inspectors swabbing household surfaces to get the number of spores deposited around the home. Here are several reasons why it is important to schedule frequent mold inspections.


Helps reduce mold exposure

Mold is a serious health hazard and toxic mold is a prime suspect in the case of CIRS. This is a multi-symptom infection that affects the heart, lungs, skin and the central nervous system. Mold exacerbates asthma attacks. Most professional mold testing and inspections can isolate toxic mold traces in your home. Once you are aware of mold problems in your home, you will be able to reduce mold exposure and protect your family.


Protects your property from structural damage

Mold is a parasite that feeds on cardboard, paper and other organic substances. When mold is left to colonize your home, it can devour building materials and cause dry rot. In extreme cases, you may not have a choice but to raze the whole structure to the ground.

Locating mold and remediating it right out the gate can save your property from structural damage. This is why you need to hire an environment testing labfor professional mold inspection when you suspect the presence of mold on your property.


Highlights water damage

While it may hard to believe, mold does not develop spontaneously. Its growth is directly related to water and moisture damage. Once spores of mold settle on damp surfaces in your home, they will multiply at a fast rate and erupt into a full-blown infestation. To remove mold, you will have to address the moisture issues inside your home. A professional inspector will help you find zones that have high moisture content by using moisture meters. Knowing where moisture is in your property can help you get rid of mold permanently.


Accurate mold assessment

Whilst you may be tempted to invest in over-the-counter home test kits for mold, we would advise you against it. DIY mold test kits are inaccurate and misleading. You cannot do a scientific analysis in your home. they do not come with a visual mold inspection so if you suspect the presence of mold on your property but do not see or smell mold, these test kits will not analyze the intensity of the issue.

On the other hand, professional mold testing Orange County is done by experts in a controlled environment. They are therefore more precise and reliable. Sampling must be done by a professional who has experience with mold sampling methods, reports and protocols. If you wish to get rid of mold, you should always work with a professional.


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