Does green tea bags help acne?

Many flaws appear on your skin for many reasons at different points in time. Most of them arise due to wrong lifestyle, non-prescribed medicines, unhealthy diet, and many such things. Acne is a severe skin problem among them. The fundamental reason behind the formation of acne is the growth of bacteria on the skin. This type of bacterial formation can even ruin your mental peace. But a green tea bag can help you. You can even take the help of green tea to prevent acne from the very beginning. Refreshment with acne-free skin is possible with green tea.

Why use green tea bags?

  1. The green tea bag is rich in compounds like catechins. Catechins contain anti-inflammatory antibiotics.
  2. The over secretion of oil blocks the pores of your skin. Green tea does not enable your skin to secrete excess oil. Because green tea has a sufficient quantity of polyphenols, which facilitates the proper functioning of the skin’s oil glands, these glands are only responsible for excess oil secretion.
  3. A green tea bag is widely used to reduce the level of harmful toxins in your body. Toxins are also responsible for foul odors.
  4. A green tea bag increases the metabolic rate of your body.
  5. When your skin starts secreting abnormal sebum oil, acne also starts appearing on your skin. 
  6. Green tea bag provides treatment of genital warts.
  7. Green tea bag regulates cholesterol and blood pressure.
  8. A green tea bag enhances your mental awareness.

Risks of Green tea

  • You should always consult with your doctor before consuming oral supplements of green tea. Otherwise, It can be dangerous for your health.
  • Many of you use beta-blocker as a temporary solution to high blood pressure and other severe heart problems. The working of green tea contradicts that of beta-blocker. So in that situation, Green tea can provide you negative results.
  • Liver patients must consult with the doctor regarding the exact dosage of green tea because the wrong choice of green tea extract can harm your body.
  • The presence of caffeine in green tea extract may not be suitable for a specific category of people. Several diseases can get worsen due to caffeine in green tea.

 How to use green tea extract in preventing or curing acne?

  • You can use green tea in the form of beauty products. Yes, today, various companies are using green tea extract in their skincare products. You have to directly apply them to your skin. 
  • You can also make various green tea masks as a home remedy. Boil the green tea leaves and let the excess water go out of them. Then make a fine paste of it and mix it with little baking soda and honey. It can help your skin pores to become dirt free.

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