Free Online Makeup Courses

Today everyone has the right to become self-dependent irrespective of male and female. Why should we sit idle at home when a wide scope of the job is available? There are several job option for which educational qualifications does not matter so much. Among them, you can choose the career of a makeup artist. In this digital world, there are many makeup courses available online. This is a great opportunity to learn sitting at home in this covid situation. Many people have become jobless in this situation. Free online makeup courses can give you good earning as well. We are thereby providing an idea of the free online makeup courses:

1. Basics of makeup

This makeup is the first step towards the glamorous world. In this step, a basic idea is given about skincare, beauty tips, makeup. You can get a clear idea of how to choose a particular branded beauty product. You will get to know various home remedies for improving the skin texture and quality. Later this will helps you to provide paid advice to others. 

2. Application of makeup

You have to be very particular about the combination of few products and their proportion. Otherwise, it may result in bad makeup look for your client. So you will be taught about the following

  • how to apply makeup
  • how to give strokes
  • how to handle makeup tools

You will get to learn the way to give daily makeup looks to clients. Preparation of daily skincare schedule is also taught.

3. Advance makeup course

You will be told about the method of differentiating several skin types. Other than these, you can learn about the following:

  • how to highlight eyebrows
  • how to apply foundation
  • eyeliner correction tips
  • difference between concealer and foundation
  • how to make the eyes look good with different eye makeups
  • what type of makeup shall suit a particular person.
  • what is the technique to apply contour
  • how to buy a less costly makeup kit with the best results

After completing this stage, you will become capable of doing party makeup, first date makeup, and many such looks.

4. Eye makeup master class

This makeup is all about overcoming all the fear while doing the makeup of the eyes. You will learn the following:

  • creation of well-defined eyes.
  • Application of eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, undereye concealer.

You can avoid the following mistakes:

  • smudging and fading of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow.
  • Damage of eyebrow products.

5. Bridal makeover course

This makeover is a very lucrative makeup course where you can earn a huge sum of money. You will be taught about different styles of bridal makeup. You can learn about several tricks of making brides photogenic. The course will help you to decide which type of look can go with what type of bride. 

You can pursue these courses and easily continue your daily schedule. A student can choose these courses and contribute to the family. A homemaker can look after her family and earn money parallelly after passing the course. All the courses have their specific duration. You just have to register online and start the courses. Numerous websites are providing free online makeup courses.


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