Challenges To Maximizing Your Energy Monitoring System ROI

Regardless of your geographical spread or portfolio, energy monitoring systems Houston are available for managing the energy-consuming assets in your business or home. Because you cannot see everything at the same time, energy management system come with sensors that can detect temperature, daylight, energy, humidity, gas and water.

Installing monitoring systems alone won’t bring substantial savings. It is therefore important to know how to get and analyze useful data and take the necessary steps on the information. If there are major challenges, you are not alone. Here are some challenges other people have experienced.

Sensor location

During the installation of energy management systems, sensors are installed in a suitable location to optimize the performance of the system. However, over time, as properties get remodeled, this location may become a nuisance.

It is, therefore, important to discover energy monitoring systems’ sensor failures and take the necessary actions. You should leverage your data if you are not getting sensor alerts. Compare the reading of your failed sensor to other sensors to identify issues. You should also coordinate with site improvement projects and renovation projects to ensure your sensors are not affected. If they are affected, move them accordingly.

Improper maintenance

Your equipment needs proper maintenance and repair. When the technicians come on-site, they may have silenced the alarm or even disconnected the asset from your control system whilst doing the work and get out in a hurry, leaving the asset invisible to your monitoring systems. You can address this by checking out the procedure when anyone is doing onsite maintenance.

The procedures should include verification that all parameters and standards have been implemented before the technician left the site. You should review the maintenance work of your energy monitoring systems Houston to identify areas where you have had issues in the past and pilot the new procedure for a few months to gauge its impact before releasing it to all assets.

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