Fuelling the OTT Revolution: Netflix Is Now Available on Tata Play

In the last few years, OTT has spread across the world like wildfire. With world-class quality content, ease of use, and smart recommendations, OTT platforms have established themselves as mainstream entertainment medium.

Several OTT applications have emerged with their diverse range of content and pool of services. However, not many have gained the attention and glory as much as Netflix. Netflix, which started out as a DVD-shipping company, now delivers its content to over 190 countries.

Although OTT platforms have gained traction in India, people still have a knack for watching television as a source of entertainment. DTH services have played a major role in delivering TV broadcast channels directly to our homes through a set top box and a rooftop antenna.

Recently,  Tata Sky, India’s DTH leader, announced its rebranding to Tata Play. Tata Play comes with a one-stop destination for all entertainment needs where users don’t have to switch between devices to enjoy their favourite TV shows and OTT content. The company added Netflix recently so that its subscribers have access to varied content and get a complete viewing experience.

Let’s see how Jingalala coupled with See What’s Next will bring about a change in our lives.

Tata Play: Partnership with Netflix

Why the inclusion of Netflix?

Netflix, as we all know, is the largest provider of OTT content. So, Tata Play’s partnership with Netflix will offer viewers the largest range of entertainment along with linear TV under a single roof. Pallavi Puri, the Chief Commercial and Content Officer of Tata Play, while talking about the partnership, said that the onboarding of Netflix will simplify content accessibility and provide seamless entertainment to subscribers of Tata Play.

Netflix was made available for Tata Play users from January 27 through 90 different bundles, which includes TV broadcast channels and Binge combo packs.

Tata Play Netflix Combo Packs: Choose from the Unlimited

A new series of combo packs termed Tata Play Netflix Combo packs have been introduced by Tata Play for its DTH subscribers. The combo packs will let users choose between 3 Netflix plans – Basic, Standard and Premium. All the plans will let you access all the content in the Netflix library, the difference being in the number of devices on which content can be streamed simultaneously.

The Basic plan will let you stream content only on one device at a time, while the Standard plan lets you stream on two different devices simultaneously. The Premium plan offers four simultaneous streams at a time. So, open the doors of Netflix with Tata Play to the vast range of shows, films, series, documentaries and more.

Tata Play Binge+: Start Your Binge-ing Habit

With Tata Play’s new smart set top box, binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix and other OTT platforms is super convenient. The set top box features Google Voice Assistant, Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth connectivity and more, so you have the ultimate viewing experience.

Netflix and chill with Tata Play

Wait no more. Get your Tata Play DTH connection, subscribe to a Tata Play Netflix Combo pack and get all ready to Netflix and chill.

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