What are Indian beauty standards, and why does one need to know them?

If we ask you a question, what makes a person beautiful? Then what will be your answer? How will you justify one’s beauty or beauty standard? So the Indian beauty standard varies from culture to culture, different states, physical features, and so many factors. So to know about the Indian beauty standards, there are many things that matter, such as height, face cut, features, skin tone, thin legs, curves, big eyes, thin nose, and so on, that define the perfect Indian beauty standards.

But the above things, of course, define the beauty standards, but the well-groomed all the time is also considered as an Indian beauty standard.

Know about the Female Indian Beauty Standard 

So to know about the female Indian beauty standard, a female is called an ideal woman with a medium complexion, big eyes, long dark color hair, well-shaped lips in a darker shade, and a narrow waist with wider hips and breasts. This beauty has matched the female Indian beauty standard.

Some of the compulsory features in a woman to match the Indian beauty standard are that one needs to be skinny, have long hair, big, bold eyes, and be tall light-skinned. Can distinguish Indian beauty based on skin tone. It is evident in India that fair skin is preferred. That woman with soft and feminine features also comes under the Indian beauty standard.

Some of the examples of the females from Bollywood who set the Indian beauty standard are – Aishwarya Rai, Disha Patani, Alia Bhatt, Sri Devi, etc. Earlier, India was obsessed with pale skin color, but now things have changed, and any color, whether dark or light skin color, is welcomed.

Which country has the best beauty standard?

So if we talk about which country has the best beauty standard, it should be South Korea. The perfect beauty standard in South Korea is defined as flawless fair skin with a pointed nose, a small cute face, and large big eyes. Moreover, the face cut or the shape of the face also matters as per the beauty standard. For example, it should be a heart shape with a narrow chin. So as per standards, South Korea is considered the country with the perfect beauty standard.

Know about Indian Facial Features 

Let’s talk about the Indian facial features that describe the Indian beauty standard. So facial features matter a lot, and it plays a critical role in considering beauty standards. So generally, Indian women have a rounded face. In every part, women’s face shape do prefer, some have oval, some have a long face and some have round. So face features matters a lot more than the color and physical appearance. The inside beauty is also considered as the Indian beauty standard. We know physical appearance will vanish one day, but the inner beauty is permanent, and it will remain as usual till the last breath.

Today’s Beauty standard 

Let’s know about today’s beauty standard, so women nowadays wear makeup in their day-to-day life whether they are going to the office or usually hanging out with friends. To look young and fit is a new Indian beauty standard. Stay skinny with perfect curves is considered the beauty standard in today’s lives.

Well, in today’s time, a new beauty standard is blushed cheekbones with a bit of bit dab of blush on the nose is a new way to get a natural or can say no-makeup, makeup look. Base makeup is very every day in today’s time, with a different skin tint, tinted moisturizers, and so on with a hint of tints.

Today beauty standards matter in every section, whether it is hair color, hair length, neck length, body shape, eye color, face shape, clothing size, the color of the cloth, etc. So today’s beauty standard is all about the trends, whether it’s in makeup or the attires. From top to bottom, it matters. Wearing makeup in day-to-day life is considered one of the beauty standards in today’s time.

Indian Beauty standards vs. Fake Indian beauty standards 

If we talk about fake Indian beauty standards, then people are the ones who have adopted the fakeness around them. Earlier sari is considered one of the most lavish attire to look classy. By wearing beautiful jewelry, makeup women used to look amazing with the pure Indian beauty standard.

But now, people have changed the Indian beauty standard according to their comfortability and trends. We have entered into the world of fakeness, which consists of fair skin type with zero figures and perfect height and weight. But we have forgotten about our real Indian beauty standard consisting of purity and reality.

We should not forget our roots that include the real Indian beauty standards, the purity, and the way we represent ourselves. We represent the Indian beauty standards that incorporate the skin tone without any makeup, the real body shape with a face cut.


At last, taking everything into account, we should celebrate our Indian beauty standard instead of going for a fakeness beauty. We should not forget our Indian beauty standards, including any skin color, height, weight, or face cut. Wobbly bellies, body hair, skin tone, anything comes under Indian beauty standards.

So the real Indian beauty standard is a natural beauty that makes you beautiful inside and out. No makeup no fancy clothes can define the beauty of a person. All you need to do is be confident and smile to look beautiful, and that’s what we consider an Indian beauty standard. For example, UK women are obsessed with tanned skin, while Indian women feel ashamed.

Different countries have set their beauty standards in terms of beauty or other things. Like Pakistan has different beauty standards, and in the same way, the UK has some other beauty standards.

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