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There may be several portals available in the online market that provides a moving picture show. The foremost and renowned one is Fullmaza. It offers the following:

  • Updates about the latest movie show. It may include the following: casting, design, previews, interviews, and others.
  • A virtual network that enables the users to share details about a particular film immediately after viewing it.
  • User’s ability to transfer films that are dubbed in English, Hindi, and many more.
  • Availability of movies of different genres like comedy, fantasy, romance, and many more.
  • A wide variety of web series and Tv shows on Netflix.
  • Availability of flicks or shows in formats like 1080Mb, 720Mb, and 100Mb.
  • Access to the movies or series of languages like Hindi, Punjabi, English, and many other regional languages of India.
  • Streamlining of latest movies, songs, and programs.
  • HD quality picture with area unit qualities of 360p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • Ease of downloading movies or series or other availabilities of Fullmaza by certain clicks only. 
  • Free downloading and viewing of movies or series on this website.

All the above may sound very interesting but the risk is there. These websites unlawfully upload all the latest movies, series, Tv shows, etc.

Do you want to know about the movies illegally leaked by Fullmaza?

They are:

  • The lost town of Z.
  • Johnny English strikes once more, and many others.

Specialties of Fullmaza

  • They make use of a unique URL and the mirror interface. This is done to keep their illegal business on.
  • Easy availability and downloading of movies of unlimited domains.
  • If you are fond of songs or movies which are not so popular, then this is also for you. 
  • They apply their strategy to make you understand the flicks or series even if you do not know the particular language.
  • Twin audio with video is another reason for so much traffic on this website. 

Important information

  • As soon as the theatre halls make the availability of the replacement moving picture free, these types of illegal websites leak those and uploads on their website. You cannot imagine how quickly then the users download the links and enjoy at free of cost. This is theft of the owners of these websites.
  • If you as a new user step towards this illegality, then it will also be considered a serious crime. 

Is the business of piracy illegal?

  • If you are somehow involved in watching or downloading pirated movies or series or songs from these unlawful sites, you will be punishable by the law. 
  • Both downloading and leaking of films from illegal websites like Fullmaza implies non-compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Even if you are caught searching for these types of illegal websites, the law has the right to arrest you as opposed piracy Act. 

This concludes that not only these pirated websites are illegal but also the users of such sites should feel guilty for downloading the stuff. It is not at all safe and covered with severe risks. 

Let us discuss the risks involved: 

If you are a user and noticed visiting and downloading available stuff from these felonious sites, the following may happen:

  • Some countries may leave you after charging a certain amount as a fine.
  • Some may arrest you. 

If you want to do a detailed study about the laws and regulations made for piracy, then visit, and read about the cyber laws in your locality. 

We are making a small try to take the old users out of the trap and restrict others to enter such websites. We aim to update you about the laws and regulations of committing and supporting piracy. We also want you to strictly oppose piracy.

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