Google is giving $1000 for women’s education in computer science

Google is offering scholarships to women who want to pursue or pursue graduation in computer sciences. Google has started its Asia-pacific scholarship program in which Asian women will get a scholarship of $1000 (approx. ₹75,632.73) for the study of computer science from a reputed institute or university.

Google started the Generation Google Scholarship to financially support those women who are willing to pursue a career in computer science and want to work in the field of technology.

Eligibility Criteria for scholarship

  • Students should be currently enrolled in a full-time bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field(you will find all the related fields in the application form)
  • The candidate must be a second-year student from an approved and reputed university.
  • The candidate must be a student in a full-time bachelor’s degree for the academic year 2021-2022
  • Candidates can provide their work experience, if they have any, to make the application better.

Documents needed when filling the form

  • Resume/CV – You need to upload a softcopy of your resume in pdf format. You can get the instructions on how to make a resume from the official google generation scholarship website. Remember, other ways are not accepted unless there are exceptional conditions. And you are making it according to them with giving you more benefit.
  • Current Academic Transcript or previous
  • Applicants have to submit answers to the questions asked in the application form. There will be two questions that applicants have to answer in 400 words each and submit in a pdf format.
  • The two questions of application forms are:
    • What is a significant challenge that you believe women in the tech industry face, and how do you see yourself as being part of the solution(s) to this challenge? Keep in mind that impact can happen in many ways and at different scales.
    • What impact would receiving this scholarship have on your education? Describe any circumstances affecting your need for a scholarship and what educational goals this scholarship will enable you to accomplish.


Suppose you need time to make a resume or answer the questions in the form or transcript. In that case, there is a feature provided by Google itself, which is to draft the application so that you can fill the application form with all complete details without any hesitation or hurry that might cause trouble. The result of the scholarship application will purely depend upon your application forms like academics, qualifications, and experience, so double-check your application before submitting it. The last date to fill the application form is 10th December 2021.

Please do not make any mistakes in the application forms as it depends upon your application whether you qualify for the application or not. The questions in the forms are so important, So be genuine in the answers.

This Google Generation Scholarship Program is not only for women; if you are a male, you can also apply for this scholarship but keep in mind that Google is clearly saying on its website that it mainly encourages women who want to pursue computer science that’s why it gives more weightage to women.


If you are the one who is going to be a scholar to pursue computer science, then all the best. But if you are not qualified or eligible for this scholarship, don’t be depressed; you can check out google internship programs and other companies’ internship programs that can boost your career. And keep subscribing to our newsletter to get updates of new programs so that you will never miss any opportunities near you because we will be sending every update to you.

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