Amazing Tourist Attractions of Financial Capital of India: Mumbai

When you feel that your life is going boring, you should do something like traveling. Maybe you never had a taste for traveling, but once you try it out; you would like it for sure. There are many people who make the most of traveling and they go to different places every year. After all, when you have a busy life and really hectic routine; it is important that you delight yourself with some tours and trips. After all, refreshing and rejuvenating trips can be a plus for anyone.

Choose Mumbai for Your Trip

Now, if you are thinking which place you should go to then why not the financial capital of India called Mumbai? Indeed, it is a nice place to be in if you want to explore different places. Of course, the city is busy but when it comes to tourism, it has a good footfall every single day. And there are clear reasons that you should book Taj lands end Mumbai for your trip. Come on, once you have a luxurious, comfortable and really delightful place for your stayover; you can be sure that you have a place that keeps you comforted after a long day of you exploring the different tourist attractions in the city.

You know what, Mumbai is not just going to tell you about why it really is the dream land, but it is also acquaint you with so many places that are worth going. There are beaches, historic spots and much more for you to visit. So, without any other second wasted, have a look at some of the many amazing tourist places o this city.

 The Gate Way of India

You might have heard of this place all the time, right? Well, it is one of the most eminent monuments in the city. The Gateway of India is a monument that was formed in the year 1924 and since then the place has been a midpoint of attraction for everyone. Well, in the present time it has turn out to be an absolute popular tourist hub in the city. The spot is snuggled at Apollo Bunder Waterfront and the splendid monument observes the grand Arabian Sea in the most stunning manner.

And most exciting thing is that whether you are alone, with your spouse, family or friends; you can have a good time at this spot. You would find a lot of people talking, roaming and sitting at this spot. It is absolutely beaming round the year. Also, you can find camera men who would capture instant pictures for you. Hence, you can have your memories in physical shape too. Moreover, you can capture your pictures at this spot in front of this memorable and enormous monument. You would like it for sure and feel the air really different at this place.

Juhu Beach: The Celebs Hub

Ah, Juhu beach is one of the most adored and spirited beaches in the city called Mumbai. Not simply the Mumbai people but folks who visit this city definitely make a visit to this place. The beech is situated close to Andheri and was once quite a spectacular beach.  But int eh present time it is also true that the beech is quite much crowded and some kind of pollution is also there but it nowhere means that you should drop your idea of visiting this spot. It has its eternal charm that cannot be tugged away from it. You can be sur that you get a perfect sunset or sunrise experience at this place. Also, not to miss that the space has streak of food and snack venders and stalls. Hence, while you stroll around in this place, you can munch on your preferred snacks. You can even have amazing coconut water too here. Hence, it would be a memorable visit for you. And who knows you may walk across a celeb or a tycoon here?  The vibe of this beach is really splendid and charming. Once you go there, you would experience it for yourself

The spiritual Haji Ali Dargah

This spot is located at the background of a gorgeous view of the sea. It is an energetic, religious, and elegant shrine of Haji Ali. He was a wealthy merchant transformed into the faith of Muslim Sufi.  You easily see people belonging to different backgrounds, religions and casts paying a visit to this place. Once you are there, you would feel inner peace and a lot of religious vibes. Well, the point is it is a powerful spot and it gets you the feeling of ‘you can ‘. Many people visit this spot and tell their wishes to the lord. They sit here for hours before they return. Hence, there is a different level of peace and comfort in this area of the city. You should go there if you have even a smidgen of spiritual vibe in you.

Gigantic Elephanta caves

Now, it is a natural type of place that you must go to. The spot is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the spot fascinates a large number of tourists. These Caves is a clear sample of gorgeous looking rock cut art as well as architecture from the epochs of medieval India.  The spot is a protuberant island and is snuggled at a distance of nearly eleven kilometers from the city of Mumbai. Moreover, the spot even gets you an outstanding view of the Mumbai horizon. Elephanta caves always experience a massive rush of people and you can see the youngsters, kids and old people enjoying here. Not just the historians but artistic people and people having interest in nature visit this spot.


To sum up, go ahead and plan a trip to Mumbai for sure. And since you have clear reasons that you should book Taj lands end Mumbai for your stayover; make sure you do that for comfort. Once you return from Mumbai, you would have a refreshing mind, a high-spirited body and really so many memories to cherish the rest of your life.

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