World’s two “most popular” apps are from china and the US; places were most downloaded

Do you know the world’s most downloaded non-game apps for October are from China and the USA?

Tiktok is the app with the most significant number of installs in October, with over 56 million installs worldwide (except countries where it is banned). TikTok is a short video social media platform that became very popular in this pandemic and its critics.

It gains the most significant number of installs from Douyin in China, about 17 percent of the total installs. Tiktok originated from a visionary developer from China. Its simple interface and marketing strategies have targeted billions of people directly or indirectly significantly faster than any other social media or even gaming apps or platforms.

The second non-gaming app is none other than youths’ favorite ‘Instagram.’ Instagram has recorded 55 million installs worldwide last month and somewhere around 30 percent increase in the number of installs since the previous year. It has the most installs from India, about 39 percent of the total installs, followed by Brazil about 6 percent.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media. It has recently launched many new features, including short videos known as ‘reels’ for which it is marketing heavily to its competitors such as Tiktok and Youtube shorts. Although Tiktok has been banned in many countries, which made Instagram more profitable because there is no competition to Tiktok, Youtube is opening its ‘Shorts’ to its competition.

After these two apps with the most number of downloads in October 2021, there are some other apps with the most number of installs after these two apps, which are:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram

And they are the top 5 apps with a maximum installed in October. In which the first one is Chinese, and the rest others are American-originated apps.

Tiktok and other very famous Chinese apps are recently banned in India, including the South Korean game PUBG due to war privacy issues in these apps, Most of the apps which are Chinese are banned all over the world due to privacy issues, and here China also bans every app which is not made or originated from China.