Living in hotels outside your city

A home is always a sweet home, but you can’t carry your home with you to the places you travel. Not all places you visit may have your relatives or friends to accommodate you in their home. Most of the time, you have to find accommodation for yourself to stay for the term of your visit. Nowadays, it has become much convenient to book a hotel online in advance so that you do not face any trouble on the spot. In case, you are traveling to Chandigarh by train, hiring hotels near Chandigarh railway station would be beneficial. It would provide you with easy access to the railway station so that you do not miss your train due to the far distance or more commuting time. But before you choose a hotel for your stay, you need to consider some parameters, so that your trip does not go in vain due to the inconvenience caused by the stay. In case, you do not get the perfect stay, it would only lead to stress, disappointment, and frustration that would destroy the entire trip. So, here we shall discuss the things you should look for before staying in a hotel.


DECIDE WHAT YOU EXPECT: In case you are not sure of what you expect from the hotel where you want to stay, you can never hope to get a perfect one for you. You should prepare a list of things you expect from the accommodation. This can be in terms of location, staff, décor, and interiors, basic amenities, or the price. Once you are sure of what you want, you can easily choose the one online, which fits your wish list.

THE MUST AMENITIES: There are four basic amenities that you must look for in a hotel. These are Wi-Fi, breakfast, proper ventilation, parking. You need to ensure beforehand if these amenities bear some extra charges or are a part of the package you take. Many hotels charge extra prices even for these basic facilities, so you need to check beforehand.

CHECK HOTEL’S ONLINE REVIEWS: In present times, online reviews have made it much convenient to take our decisions. You can easily check the reviews given by the previous visitors on the hotel’s website and assure yourself of a good experience in case of a good star rating. Only after you are fully satisfied with the reviews, you should make a booking in the hotel.

CHECK THE HOTEL’S LOCATION: The location of your accommodation matters the most in making your traveling a successful one. You should always choose a hotel which has easy access to the places you want to be. Say, hiring hotels near Chandigarh railway station would be beneficial, in case you want easy access to the railway station there. Some hotels may write on their sites about easy access to different attractions, but you need to ensure and confirm yourself by checking the distance on the map so that there is no confusion later. You also need to ensure the location of the area in terms of safety and the neighboring environment.

UPDATION OF THE HOTEL INTERIORS: The images you find online may be the opposite of the original conditions. Travelers often fall for the neat, clean, modern, and updated interiors of the hotels that are available online. However, these pictures may be false. So, you need to enquire about it before making any bookings regarding the last update of the interiors of the hotel and the degree of tidiness that is maintained.

PRICE: Price is generally the first thing that travelers usually look for because they already fix a budget before planning a trip and spend according to the fixed budget. So, while choosing a hotel, you can apply the price filter and choose the one among the many hotels which choose your budget. The season of your travel greatly influences the prices. In case, it is the peak season, you may experience higher prices and also fuller hotels, whereas, during the off-season, the same hotels offer rooms at a cheaper price. During the shoulder season, the prices are neither too high nor too low, so you can easily plan a trip during this season.

IN-ROOM FACILITIES: You need to check if there are tea/coffee making facilities. Is the room safe enough in case you want to carry your valuables along with you? Is there a bathtub or just a shower in the bathroom? Is the room spacious enough and also comfortable as well? Does the hotel provide you with an iron in your room or a hairdryer? In addition to the room facilities, you should also check whether the hotel provides some extra in-hotel facilities such as a gym to work out especially for the fitness freaks who don’t skip a workout session. In addition to this, you can check if there is a pool, a garden, spa, salon, restaurant, terrace, or room services.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Different hotels have different cancelation policies. Many sites allow you to cancel your bookings up to 24 hours before arrival without paying anything. While some others may charge at least a one-night cancellation fee in case you fail to show up. So, you need to check the cancellation policy in case there are chances that you won’t check-in.

After you have chosen a hotel in which you want to stay, you can easily book a room for yourself using the internet. While booking a room online, you need to undergo several steps before your accommodation is confirmed. You are required to fill in your correct details as well as provide them with proof of your identity. You also are required to notify the hotel about your arrival as well as the departure time. You can at all times ask for early check-in or check out in case it is required so that they can prioritize you and provide you with a clean room to stay in. After such research, you are surely supposed to get the best hotel for yourself. So, the only thing you need to do thereafter is to enjoy.

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