Happy Literacy Day, 2021

On September 8, International Literacy Day (ILD) promotes literacy and the importance of motivating individuals, communities, and societies to become more literate. In addition, literature issues facing people must be raised worldwide to develop campaigns that will help all people become more educated.

“Literacy for a human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide” is the theme of this year’s Literacy day.

Literacy in Times of Crisis:

There is an extraordinary scale of learning disruptions that children and adults are experiencing as a result of COVID-19. The world’s youth and adults are lacking literacy skills to a large extent. It is not impossible to find alternative ways to ensure the continuation of learning even in times of crisis, such as through distance learning.

For sustainable development to occur, literacy is essential. Individuals become empowered and enjoy better living standards because of it. Therefore, a core part of education and lifelong learning is literacy, as defined in Sustainable Development Goal 4. Additionally, literacy is necessary for a COVID-19 recovery that is human-centered.

Furthermore, after adopting the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations added the International Literacy Day to its purpose. In Goal 4, literacy and numeracy are included as targets, which means that the skills and opportunities previously lacking in adults are also provided for them.

Literacy Day: Why is it celebrated?

To promote literacy and the development of human rights, this day is celebrated to promote human attention to literacy and knowledge of human rights. Achieving gender equality, eradicating poverty, lowering child mortality, fortifying population control, and dealing with population growth requires higher literacy. In addition, reading can raise the family’s status, as it can raise the family’s income. Therefore, the nation celebrates this day by encouraging individuals to keep learning and reminding them of their responsibilities.

Global literacy is supported by UNESCO in collaboration with governments, communities, and others. In a changing world, it seeks to highlight the meaning of literacy and skills development through thematic content and several programs.

The significance of the day is:

UNESCO has played a key role in improving literacy globally, which is why they promote International Literacy Day in collaboration with governments, local communities, charities, and experts within the field. Every year chooses a different theme to focus attention on the importance of literacy in a rapidly changing world. We can’t improve our living beings or make significant changes in the world without literacy.

According to UNESCO, literacy is a key element to guaranteeing everyone’s right to education. Also, the Sustainable Development Goals authored by UNESCO deliver the tools necessary to eradicate poverty and inequality around the world, and greater literacy rates are a key part of achieving that goal. The UNESCO International Literacy Awards, which recognize excellence in submissions in various areas related to the theme of literacy and skills development for 2018, also mention innovative ideas and projects. In addition, it will promote a comprehensive approach to lifelong learning and raise awareness about literacy and adult learning.


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