Instagram for e-commerce – Some Essential Facts to Know

Having more than one billion active users, which is still growing day by day, makes Instagram one of this decade’s top social sales platforms. If your brand is not on this platform you are definitely missing out on many things. So, if you are thinking about how brands can get started on this visual platform, then you are at their right place. In this article will explore why every brand should have a good Instagram strategy to manage their valuable customers on this platform and tap more selling opportunities. Here are the top Instagram e-commerce marketing tips.

Take good care of your Instagram content

There is no such rule of thumb as to how often you have to post on Instagram and what you have to post. So you can make your own strategy. However, it is important to ensure excellent quality and optimum consistency in this visual platform. To maintain high standards and top-level engagement, you must consider automating the Instagram content with the help of a scheduler app.

Take care of your Instagram photos

There are a lot of photos on your feeds, which may appear to be sales. However, many similar promotional photos you post back-to-back may not create a good impression about you. So, try to be more creative. For example, you can easily show the culture and lifestyle around your products in a real physical setting. You can also try to build some emotional connection with your audience by posting some product photos or behind the scenes. You may also click and share footage from your life events or product launchesetc.

Work well with your hashtags

Usage of relevant hashtags for posting your product photos can optimize the reach of your posts. But even though each post can have about 30 hashtags, it may not be necessary better to use all these. It is found that the engagement may decrease for posts with more than 6 hashtags, and it is ideal to use only the most relevant hashtags to get the best results. Hashtags are of three types.


  • Geotags, which include a locality or city.
  • Branded hashtags, which are specific to a particular brand, product, or slogan, etc.
  • Niche hashtags, which aims at only a few focused searches. You can easily add niche hashtags of bulky sizes in the first comment of your post.

Optimizing your brand name

If you are trying to search for or some add-on tools for Instagram marketing, you can get the tool-related accounts. Due to this, it is worth including words to use in your company profile if it is not already there in the name. Also, as the names are searchable fields on Instagram, you may try to optimize the company name and add some keywords to your bio. Doing these will also help you to gather more free IG likes for your posts.

Sharing user-generated content

To best leverage the benefits of social proof on Instagram, many businesses tend to share user-generated content on this platform. This is done by asking your customers for genuine product reviews, sharing the user photos by featuring your products, etc. These photos need to be shared with branded or product hashtags for better reach. Businesses can also re share the user photos by tagging specific followers. Sharing user-generated content will help build a community around it and expand the reach by establishing more trust for the brand. It can also help improve customer loyalty. Additionally, you can post your content created by the users and help to cultivate an approachable human brand image.

Consider your prospects and customers

As per research done by experts, about 65% of the customers say that they will be honored if a brand tends to like their post. Furthermore, about 70% of Instagram users are interested in entering into contests or competitions. So, as a brand, you should not hesitate to like the customer’s post, run fun contests, or offer some giveaway coupons.

Tie up with influences

The followers may trust their influencers recommendation over your ads. Influencers will help you spread your word to more and more followers and engage them with your content. Instagram is an important channel where influencer marketing works. However, you need to ensure that you are getting the apt and authentic influencers representing your business and industry to get more results.

Stay more efficient by being consistent

Consistency in posting content and the time of the day you choose to post your Instagram, etc., really matters. However, managing all these Instagram applications in the app may be troublesome. So, to increase efficiency, you may consider some marketing automation tools for Instagram where you can preload and do automated content sharing. To engage effectively with your followers and respond to their random comments, you need not have wait for the new notifications to pop up. You can create a system and allocate a specific time of the day to respond to your audience. You can also run some live sessions for Q&A to respond to audience queries.

Measure your success

You may check how Instagram stories and posts are performing. You can easily access Instagram analytics, which will give you the data about Impressions, purchases, reach of your post, and the demographics for the content with your audience. All these indicators will give you some insights as to which posts and products are more popular among your audience. It is also worth promoting more often, and what type of inventory is worthwhile to show up. All these data about user activities will help you to choose an optimum schedule for your posts.

Maintain an omnichannel strategy for social media sales

To connect better with your customers, you should try to optimize each social media platform to serve users better. To integrate all your platforms, you should have an omnichannel strategy to ensure a seamless marketing approach.

In varying degrees, all these tips will help Instagram marketers and promoters to reach more potential followers and get more return on investment in terms of their Instagram campaigns.

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