Instagram: Picking the Significant Trends Of 2021

The trends of Instagram evolve constantly but what does it present for you? If you are running a business and want to stay at the top of the marketing trends, you need to know how to present your business through Instagram. With over one billion active users across the globe, you must be eager to know the trends of Instagram. For Instagram, the latest features are in response to the pandemic. However, the other trends may have been propagated by the users. The following points highlight some of the major aspects of Instagram to note in 2021.

  • Live streams in Instagram prolongs

Initiated in 2016, the option of Instagram Live has emerged differently for individuals and businesses. In 2020, the live streams created a method of communication and coordination for making announcement of the digital events. No wonder, the spike in the use of live streams of Instagram made it extended to four hours from one hour. Companies can think about sharing live streams in a sharing basis with the other accounts. The live stream also provides the opportunity of question and answer session and help in introducing a new service or product.

  • Content is the key

You need not feel surprised to hear that content matters for marketers trying to plan new strategies. With several tools needed for content marketing, you can create exciting content without creating stress on the value of over production. Right from 2019, the trend of making authentic and unfiltered content from Instagram influencers available has stayed as a trend and it seems that it is likely to continue in the future as well.

The content in Instagram is becoming clearer and open but keep in mind that it is attractive and attention-grabbing. With the users of Instagram honing their skills in determining whether the content is authentic and genuine, you can go ahead with the content of your choice for the best results. Along with content, you are sure to come across high-quality images making your brand more credible.

  • Instagram Stories

One of the trends of Instagram that is here to stay is Instagram Stories. Even Though Stories came around in about four years ago, it evolved as one of the most recognizable trends. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular features of Instagram and a major aspect of influencer marketing. Research reveals that about ninety percent of influencers publish content on Instagram. The reason why this trend is likely to stay in 2021 is that it is one of the options that the influencers have started using more aggressively during the past year.

  • Emergence of reels

Among the most prominent trends that are on Instagram right now is Reels, which is to make things in Instagram more creative, exciting, and engaging. With the advanced editng tools of Instagram, it is easy to make the videos more professional with special effects and well-timed texts. However, the Reels feature must not hang on to aesthetics only but help in creating content that captivates the attention of audience that delivers good value to your business. You can buy likes for IG to make your brand more prominent.

  • Focus on storytelling

In the year 2021, you need to pay heed to your profile as much as you do to your website. With prospective customers using the app of Instagram to look for businesses ad brands, the latter needs to focus on repositioning the brands and visual storytelling on Instagram. If you are trying to build followers through Instagram, nothing compares to the veracity of visual storytelling. So many brands try to tell the story, so if you are yet to leverage on this opportunity of converting visitors into followers and eventually to customers, need to pick the pace.

  • Influencers relating with brands

With the popularity of unfiltered and authentic content on the rise, the brands need to work with relatable influencers. Most of the Instagram users look forward to connecting with people from the real worlds and not celebrities. Therefore, when engaging influencers for your brand on Instagram, you need to keep in mind different kinds of influencers.

No wonder, companies are leveraging on small-time influencers as they can connect with the audience better. Although the micro influencers may not have a large following, they can engage with the followers better as they connect with them. Compared to those influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers who can hardly stay in touch, the former is here to stay as one of the major trends of Instagram.

  • Revenue generation through Instagram

Gone are the days of downgraded to product shopping from businesses, Instagram devises several ways for the conversion of customers within the app. During the year 2020, the Instagram Shop facility extended to various business accounts and allowed customers to purchase, save, and complete the checkout within the app. To promote the shopping experience further that tags of products are available in Stories and Live Broadcasts and not just on posts.

  • Direct messages can make a big impact

If you are eager to watch IG Stories, you cannot miss that the replies convert to sending direct messages. Whether it is brands or influencers, they use questions in Stories to rev up the conversations and include the answers through direct messages. No wonder direct messages are becoming one of the most effective methods for brands to connect with their followers.  With this facility, users can share stories and posts, send voice messages, or engage in video chat.

  • Emergence of Spark AR

With Facebook initiating Spark AR in 2019, it has witnessed about one billion users. The brands did not waste time to take the plunge and accept the technology to renew the shopping experience of users. For instance, consumers can chose shades of lipsticks and apply them on the images to teats their looks. Considering the potential of Spark AR, it is likely to merge as one of the most prominent trends of Instagram in 2021.

It is hard to predict what trends are to be introduced in Instagram further but what remains constant is that the trends keep changing and brands need to align with them to make the most of the opportunities. Therefore, you need to observe the strategies before implementing them in your business.

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