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Jose Boston is a Mexican Tycoon that area of work is media coverage. He is the president of S.A.B. Groupo televise, and his company works for tv entertainment in Latin America. Jose Boston has done several successful jobs regarding filming and broadcasting several Latin American, mostly Mexican soap operas and other types of tv shows. Jose Boston is well known as the husband of Eva Longoria.

Personal Life

Jose was born on April 13, 1968, in Mexico City, Mexico. The full name of Jose is Jose Antonio Baston Patino, and his mother’s name is Gloria Patino.  The nickname of Jose Baston is Pepe that friends and family members are calling them. Jose Baston is a successful and well-educated person that tends to hide their personal life from the public. Thus, some of the personal information is not known to the public. Jose Baston is married to an actress Eva Longoria who is popular for the popular tv show that name is “Desperate Housewives’’. She is an activist, director, producer, and actress. Both Jose Baston and Eva Longoria dated in the year 2013. The first appearance of both Jose and Eva was at the launching Casa de la Bola in Mexico City. After two years of dating, both were married in Dubai. After marriage, they have four children named Natalia Baston, Sebastian Baston, Mariana Baston, and Jose Baston.


Jose Baston is popular in Mexico due to his hard work and successful career. Baston had several steps for covering to become the president of Grupo Televise S.A.B. He is one of the most successful presidents of this group. The main reason for its success is his restructuring of the company. Baston holds the position of president of Grupo Televise S.A.B since the year 2001. Before president, he was a member of the Board of Directors in the year 1998. Baston also worked as the director of programming for a certain amount of time. Additionally, he was a member of the executive committee. Jose was also worked as a vice president of solving operations. Jose has also appeared for his charity work. Now Jose Baston is a vice president and general director of programming.

Jose Baston Net Worth

Jose Antonio Baston is one of the successful men in Mexico City. Baston is also successful in his job and also in nearly everything in their life. He is also a great family man and four children with his wife, Eva Longoria. Several people are also called him a great politician. However, he refuses to be called one as a politician. In other words, Jose Baston is one of the most powerful people in Mexico City. He was one of the busiest people in Mexico City due to the tight schedule of their work. Most male people are jealous due to his marriage to a beautiful actress named Eva Longoria. The net worth of Eva Longoria is more than $35 million. In contrast, the net worth of Jose Baston is about $15 million.


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