‘Kannur Squad’ Continues to Soar: Mammootty’s Film Surpasses Rs 40 Crores at Kerala Box Office

Mammootty’s movie “Kannur Squad” has made more than Rs 75 crores, with over Rs 40 crores coming from Kerala alone. Even with the release of Vijay’s “Leo,” “Kannur Squad” keeps earning well. “Leo” didn’t meet audience expectations, and some actors weren’t used effectively. Mammootty, however, is having a great time in his career with upcoming movies like “Bramayugam” and “Bazooka.”

Kannur Squad’s Box Office Triumph

By its fourth week, ‘Kannur Squad‘ not only made over Rs 75 crores but also raked in an impressive Rs 40 crores at the Kerala box office.

Despite worries that the release of Vijay’s action-packed film “Leo” could harm the box office success of “Kannur Squad,” Mammootty’s movie has shown its strength by consistently performing well.

In some interesting news, they’ve added 70 more shows for “Kannur Squad” right after “Leo” was released. Even though “Leo” didn’t quite meet people’s expectations, “Kannur Squad” is still going strong.

Vijay’s ‘Leo’: Early Success?

“Leo,” starring Vijay, came out on October 19 and got permission for early morning shows starting at 4 am in Kerala. While it might not have reached the level of Vijay’s previous films like ‘Vikram’ and ‘Kaithi,’ it’s still considered an entertaining movie.

Some viewers weren’t happy with how actors like Babu Antony, Sanjay Dutt, Madonna Sebastian, Anurag Kashyap, and Arjun Sarja were used in the film. They felt their roles didn’t live up to what they expected.

Meanwhile, the legendary actor Mammootty is having a fantastic time in his career. He has some highly anticipated projects like “Bramayugam” and “Bazooka” in the pipeline, among many others.


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