NFT as a substitute of IPR

NFT is the acronym for Non-Fungible Token. The tokens are stored in a digital ledger known as Blockchain Ledger, and they cannot be interchanged in data. Here we will tell you some details about NFT, how you can promote your NFT artworks on various social platforms such as Twitter, and how to use the discord NFT community.

What is NFT?

So NFT is a unique unit of data employing technology that allows digital content to become registered and authenticated on crypto-currency blockchains such as Ethereum.

Once a particular content is registered onto the blockchain, creators will create a smart contract of their work stored in the Blockchain Ledger through an NFT platform. This process is known as Minting. Then, every transaction related to it is recorded and shared with all the other parties.

The creators can also promote their art through various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Discord also has various NFT servers in which creators can showcase their NFTs.

How to promote and sell your NFT art?

When everything is growing to be digital, one should not take social media for granted. However, when it comes to selling your digital art, all social media platforms play a crucial role in gaining an audience. So start uploading and exhibiting your artwork on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even on Reddit and Discord NFT channels.

Why Twitter? 

Twitter can be a lot helpful in promoting your NFT art as it allows you to build a community interested in your NFT products and prompt them.

  1. Follow influencers who promote their art on Twitter and look up to them. Then, try to learn from them. You don’t need to speak or post about your artworks, and you can choose to be a silent listener and yet learn many things.
  2. Try to build a good network audience on Twitter to catch the attention of the investors so that they might buy you NFTs. As of now, the NFT community on Twitter is very active.
  3. Even though discord has excellent potential to market and promotes your NFTs, it’s pretty tough to get into a good discord community. Twitter is comparatively better as it’s open for all and easy to use.
  4. Plus, Twitter is free to use and has a low barrier to entry.

How to gain more audience? 

  1. If you decide to upload your artwork on Twitter, try to be active and upload your NFTs regularly, every day if possible. So that the audience can see your efforts and persistence behind your artworks.
  2. Also, remember to use proper hashtags (also for Instagram) to extend your reach.
  3. Tweet about your opinions regarding various NFTs while also promoting your artworks. Try to keep the ratio around 80:20. You won’t want to bore your audience by just upgrading your artwork.
  4. Remember not to follow fake influencers or post anything crap about NFTs, as you might lose your audience.

NFT Discord Community

Discord is a social platform developed that allows users to create chat rooms for various learning, Gaming, NFT, etc.

Discord hosts hundreds of NFT servers. These channels/servers are a good place for discussing new NFTs and sharing opinions. In addition, the discord platform now offers many proficient features, such as crypto galleries where you can exhibit your NFT artworks and invite users to bid on them.

Though it is hard to find and get into some excellent NFT servers, one can try getting into servers like Opensea, Ninja Hideout, NFTY FARM, and some more. 

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