Using UV Light For Water Disinfection

Using UV disinfection systems to treat water is one of the most effective water treatment methods. It can be used to treat microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria in water. In this process, water is exposed to ultraviolet light which disrupts the cell structure of microbes and destroys harmful organisms present in water.

UV water sterilizers are often used by households on well water as bacteria such as coliform are often a major issue with well water. A disinfection system that uses UV can protect your household water from viruses and harmful bacterial and save you energy and time that is spent to test well water and energy that is spent on testing water. Here are some top benefits of UV water purification.

Eliminates over 99.9% of microorganisms

As long as the system is sized correctly, UV purification systems can destroy over 99.9% of microorganisms in water including bacteria and viruses. A good example of a virus that can be destroyed by UV light is Covid-19. This means that water treated by UV purifiers is very safe for human consumption.

No chemicals

Another benefit of using UV purifiers is that it requires no biocides or chlorine and this makes it an ideal treatment where chemicals cannot be used such as in fish farms and breweries. Using chemicals in fish farms has a lot of negative effects since the chemicals will kill the fish. Since ultraviolet disinfection systems do not use chemicals, this method of treatment is considered safe for the environment and involves fewer ongoing supply costs.

No internally moving parts required

Most of the water purification systems used by water treatment plants and households have internally moving parts. Over time, moving parts will experience wear and tear and this will increase the maintenance costs. UV water purification systems do not have moving parts. This means that they are self-contained systems with a UV lamp that can be replaced.

Flexible UV intensity

There is this misconception that UV purification systems should be extremely big if you want to treat water to a higher quality. However, this is false. You only need to have the correct disinfection dose which is determined by the intensity of the UV light and not the system size. The size of the system determines the flow rate.

You can get compact systems for tight spaces

The UV water treatment technology is a non-intrusive and compact technology. It can be retrofitted to the existing treatment systems. This means that your system can be designed so that it takes up little floor space or it can be big enough to process more than 600 m3/hr.

Disinfects water with high efficiency

With a strong source of UVC light and permeation, UV purification systems disinfect water with great efficiency. It is possible to disinfect water in a single cycle and increase the volume treated.

Doesn’t affect the taste and colour of the water

UV disinfection systems do not affect the taste, pH or smell of water. It does not add anything to it such as chemical treatment processes do.

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