Prohibition orders in Mumbai as Ganesh Chaturthi begins today

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is celebrated for ten days to celebrate the birth of Ganesh, the god of prosperity and wisdom. Bhadra, the sixth month of the Hindu calendar, is celebrated on the fourth day of Chaturthi on the fourth of March.

Guidelines issued by the authorities:

After the Mumbai police banned gatherings of five or more people because of the Covid-19 epidemic, it will be muted during the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations that begin today.

Additional curbs will be strictly observed as per the order of the government.

According to S Chaitanya, the Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police, guidelines issued by the home department and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was referred to.

  • Between September 10 and 19, there will be no processions in Mumbai.
  • Devotees will not be permitted to visit Ganesh pandals.
  • There will be virtual darshan for all prominent Ganesh manuals.
  • The public can receive ‘darshan’ of Ganesh idols installed in pandals via the Internet or other electronic means, such as television.
  • Mandals should take all safety precautions and ensure not more than ten people are allowed for immersions of Ganesh idols, which usually attract large crowds.
  • For household idols, there is a limit of five during the immersion.

Violation of these orders would be punished under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) under section 188 (disobeying orders lawfully promulgated by public officials) and other applicable laws, the letter said.

In the lead up to the Festival, Covid Concern rises:

According to a circular issued by the Maharashtra home department on Wednesday, visitors to pandals are prohibited because of the Covid-19 spread.

Hemant Nagrale, Mumbai’s police commissioner, sent a video message to Mumbai residents warning them of the risk of exposure to Covid-19 linked to Ganesh Chaturthi. This follows the sudden increase in cases of the virus in the city as well as its neighboring areas. As the Mumbai police commissioner noted, all prominent Ganesh Mandals in the city have made arrangements to offer much darshan or physical viewing of idols regularly, and permission is not provided anywhere for people to visit individual pandals in-person to see idols. The festival should not host any public cultural events.


Mumbai and Pune are among the five districts of Maharashtra, experiencing a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases over the past few days. The decrease in overall cases over the past few days is evident across the state. The increase in cases in Mumbai and Pune is concerning since the two cities were major hotspots during the first and second waves of infection.

Five hundred thirty coronavirus cases were in Mumbai was reported on Wednesday highest for the first time since mid-July. On Thursday, Maharashtra reported 4,219 Covid-19 cases and 55 deaths, bringing the total number of infections and deaths within the state to 64,87,025 and 138,017, respectively.

In light of the impending third wave of Covid infections, there will be no lockdown restrictions imposed by the state during the holiday season. Instead, authorities have told people to observe Covid-appropriate behavior. This is hoped to be a controlling force that permits all people to enjoy the festival fully without interference or hindrance.

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