Arvind Kejriwal back in Delhi after ten days at a meditation retreat

After spending ten days at a meditation center in the Himalayas, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal returned to Delhi, and a plethora of questions have surrounded him. Vipassana made him feel rejuvenated, as he also posted on the course’s social networking site.

In the retreat, everything he was doing related to politics was halted, according to the sources. 

A regular practitioner of Vipassana, the Chief Minister of Delhi

Different ways are being employed by politicians to address the increased tension resulting from politics. Rather than doing regular yoga for relaxation, some leaders choose to go on vacation with their families. But The Chief Minister of Delhi relaxes his mind by visiting the Vipassana meditation center.

Vipassana sessions were previously attended by Mr. Kejriwal in Dharamkot, Nagpur, and Bengaluru, which make him a regular practitioner of the practice. During a trip to Nagpur in 2016, he practiced Vipassana for ten days. After Dharamkot, he visited Igatpuri in Maharashtra and Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh the following year.

It was probably Kejriwal’s preparations for the next elections that led to his leave. Kejriwal attempts to control his mind and observe his thoughts at the Dhammathali Vipassana Center in the Galta Valley of Jaipur.

Visit of Mr Arvind Kejriwal to the Vipassana Centre

Jaipur’s Galtaji district has a Vipassana center. To achieve mental wellness, this ancient Indian meditation technique requires that you abstain from any form of communication for a lengthy period. The ancientness of this meditation center also attracted Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Vipassana seeks to achieve

  • The aim is to achieve self-transformation through observation of the self.
  • To underscore the profound interconnectedness between mind and body when we attend to bodily sensations, the reason is constantly connected to and conditioned by it.
  • To achieve an integrated mind built of love and compassion through self-exploration will be one that dissolves mental impurity through observation of self and others.

The last dissolve days of CM’s schedule at the Vipassana Centre

 Yash Kejriwal spent the last ten days at a Vipassana center, and we will sum up his experiences in this article.

  • Bharat Grover of Mumbai was guiding CM Kejriwal Vipassana techniques at this center.
  • During his stay alone in his room, Kejriwal woke up every morning at four in the morning. Various breakfast and lunch items were available starting at 6:30 am, and 11 am, respectively.
  • The CM of Delhi was prohibited from watching TV, listening to music, using a mobile phone, and even reading newspapers during these ten days.
  • Apart from breakfast and lunch, the CM only had 45 minutes break in the Vipassana center during the day.
  • He went to sleep by 9 pm, with the lights off in his room.
  • The time is also used for reciting discourses, as well as solo and group meditations.

Following Are the Ways Practitioners Achieve Sadhana in Vipassana Centre:

In Vipassana centers, sadhana is performed in three steps.

  1. On his first three days of study, the seeker must master the art of regulating his breath and stream of exhalations through pranayama.
  2.  Yoga and deep meditation are focused on the fourth day.
  3. Mangal Maitri is the name for the last day of camp when campers share their experiences with others.

 The Sadhak would devote about fifteen hours to sadhana each day in this way.


Meditation centers claim that when you master the brain’s science, you become evident in your judgments, feelings, and emotions. Throughout our experiences, we will understand how we evolve or regress, how we produce suffering, or how we achieve freedom from hell. Our awareness, non-delusion, self-control, and self-compassion grow.

It builds a mental/physical connection, reduces stress, and provides relaxation from the world and its activities in various Vipassana meditation centers throughout India.

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