Reasons why some car paint colours are more expensive than others

Any car scratch repair near you in Australia will tell you that some car paint colours are more expensive than others. Although car paint technology has improved over time, improper care for your vehicle can still damage your car paint. Automaker quality problems still come up from time to time. There is the cost of choosing the right paint colour for your vehicle. This can affect the resale value of your car and it is important to remember that some paint colours are more expensive than others. You can wrap your vehicle to change its look cheaply but there is a reason why some paint colours are more expensive than others.


Understanding how car paint colours are developed

Making new paint colours is not easy and the process can take years. Modern car paint colours should last at least 10 years. Once a car paint colour gets developed, it is sprayed on test panels. It is then sent to facilities where the panels bake for years exposed to hot sun rays surrounded by salt-filled air that is humid. Technicians pelt test panels using gravel and scratch them using knives and do various other tests to check for longevity. All this takes money and time.

What affects the paint colour of your vehicle?

A variety of factors affect car paint colour. When you look at the same car at different times of the day, at different angles, you will see that the colour changes. The colour of your vehicle depends on the thickness of the paint and what is underneath such as primer or rust-protection e-coat. This should be considered during car paint repair. There is also a clear coat that protects the car paint. As the name suggests, the clear coat is clear.

Because of these variables, car paint inspectors use sensitive and expensive instruments to gauge the paint colour of a car. This instrument is put on a random vehicle in the line and a special light is projected on a specific section. The source of light moves, bouncing the light into a sensor at different angles. The sparkle data and the colour are then compared to a well-known standard. If it is too far off, the vehicle has to be re-painted. With all this technology to test and develop car paint, you will find that most modern cars are painted silver.

Car pint trends and costs

Not every vehicle on the road is black, silver or white. However, most vehicles are silver and there is a reason for that. White and silver are trendy. However, black and silver are also more popular because they have a high resale value. There are generally more black, white and silver cars. People do not have a lot of free time. This means that when they go shopping, they choose what is available.

When you take your car to a car scratch repair near you in Australia specialist, you will realize that some vehicles cost more than others. Non-metallic paint does not have flakes and this means that non-metallic black and white paint is going to be cheaper than metallic paint.

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