Residential Painting Vs. Commercial Painting: Know The Differences

Residential projects are constructed to create housing opportunities for people. On the other hand, commercial establishments are constructed for professional purposes. Since the structure, design, and floor planning of commercial and residential establishments differ from each other, it is quite inevitable that the painting requirements will also be different.

Many people think that painting services perth for residential and commercial projects in Perth are the same. It is absolutely not true, and that is why you should read this article to understand how these two are distinct from each other.

How Do We Define Residential Painting And Commercial Paintings?

As the name indicates, residential painting is a painting service offered for homes, where both the exterior and interior parts are prepared and painted. For your home painting, you will require fewer residential painters in Perth who can paint various items like decks, cabinets, trim, etc.

On the other hand, commercial painting refers to applying fresh paint to office buildings, manufacturing facilities, apartments, hospitals, schools, etc. Workload depends on the size of the project. For example, a more extensive project will require more crew members, different working shifts, and more complex tools and equipment to finish the job.

What are the main differences between residential and commercial paintings?

Commercial and residential paintings are two completely different tasks, where you will require a different set of skills and tools. As the area of a commercial building is much larger than a residential building and involves shifting of employees and inventory, the commercial painting is naturally more complicated than a residential painting project. Here we give a detailed list of differences between the two painting projects.

Size of the project 

  • Residential painting projects may include painting private homes, condominiums, townhouses, living spaces, etc. 
  • Commercial projects include shopping malls, retail shops, airports, industrial buildings, etc.

Number of painters

As commercial projects are much larger, you will need more painters to meet deadlines and cover the entire area. But small-sized residential projects do not require that large number.

Materials and Equipment

  • As residential painting professionals focus primarily on smaller projects, they use much less equipment and materials, which you can also buy on your own. 
  • These materials include paintbrushes, painting trays, rollers, drop cloths, step ladders, cleaning materials, etc. 
  • The painters choose the color from a large variety to match the architecture and decor of the home and neighboring homes. 
  • Different types of paint are generally used, categorized by the base – water-based paints, oil-based paints, latex-based paints, etc.
  • In addition to paint types, the painters also have to consider the kind of sheen they should use. These sheens range from flat to glossy. Glossy paints provide a shining look, while flat paints help the wall to hide its imperfections. Other types of polishes include eggshell, matte, semi-gloss, and satin.
  • On the other hand, commercial painters in Perth, WA, need to deal with different types of structures like concrete, wood, marble, reinforced plastic, metal, etc. This is why they need more complicated equipment like pressure washers, sandblasters, scaffolding, aerial lifts, and scaffolding. 
  • Commercial painters should also know about industrial and commercial-grade primers, paints, tints, and other coatings.

Services Provided

There is a big difference in the services provided by the two types of painters. Commercial painting contractors in Perth generally offer more services relative to residential painting professionals. Their services include:

  • Industrial painting,
  • Preparation of special surface,
  • Epoxy coatings,
  • Metalizing,
  • Sandblasting, 
  • Concrete ceiling repair,
  • Brick waterproofing,
  • Line striping, 
  • high-durability coatings, 
  • Masonry coating,
  • Roof coatings,
  • Stenciling,
  • Metal door paintings,
  • Waterproof coatings,
  • Joint expansion sealing.

On the other hand, residential painters mostly do painting-related services. Some professionals can handle other exterior surfaces like wood, stucco, concrete, metal, fiber-cement siding, and vinyl. Different services include:

  • Exterior and interior painting,
  • Wallpaper removal,
  • Wallpaper hanging,
  • Cabinet painting,
  • Drywall and plaster repair,
  • Deck and fence painting, 
  • Garage painting,
  • Popcorn ceiling removal in older households.


Commercial painting is primarily done following the schedule of company owners and business operations. For businesses, scheduling can be difficult as most of them do not want to close their operations. That is why business owners mostly request that the painting work being done around these issues to not coincide with the business hours.

Sometimes, business owners allow the painting work to be done during business hours. In that case, they cordon off the areas that are being painted. If it is possible, the painting takes place on holidays, weekends, or nights. 

In contrast, residential painters can easily work on weekdays. In general, they work for 8 hours each day. But the scheduling can also largely depend on the customer.

Project Management

  • For commercial projects, timeliness is essential, and you will also have to avoid business disruptions. Based on the project size, delays may cost you huge. Sometimes, more than one contractor may work on one large scale project.
  • For a commercial project, the owner will expect all the involved parties to manage resources and time to meet deadlines and maintain the budget. That is why a commercial or an industrial painting project will require an experienced project management system.
  • On the other hand, residential project management involves a much-relaxed approach. Here the project manager needs to stay focused only on painting details and homeowner’s satisfaction.

Quality of Paint

Naturally, the amount of paint required in a larger commercial painting project will be much more than a residential project. For the same reason, it takes a much increased time to complete the whole project. In a residential painting project, you will need less amount of paint.

The quality of paint is another essential factor that you should always consider. If you use better quality paint, it will last longer and require fewer costs. But, using inferior-quality paint will involve more labor and maximized costs because you will need to apply extra paint coatings.


Residential painters are very much experienced in dealing with homeowners, and they can understand what type of paint they will be required to provide. They can guide the homeowners in selecting the right colours. Not only that, but they can also tell them where those colors should be applied. 

Residential painters also have experience protecting flooring and furniture so that nothing can happen while painting is carried out.

Commercial painters need to work on more complex setups. They will come across different surfaces, electricity connections, and other features. That is why they need more safety skills. Appearance is a vital part of a commercial building, and thus painters need to be more experienced. Some smaller residential painting projects can be done by the homeowners or handyman services, but that cannot apply to commercial projects.

Risk Factor

Residential painters will have greater control over their work because of the relatively smaller size of the project and a closer relationship with the homeowner. 

Whereas, on large commercial painting projects, more moving parts will be involved. It means the risk of committing mistakes is greater in commercial projects. Strategy, scheduling, and workforce may also change anytime for commercial projects.


Some painting contractor agencies offer either one of the services, while others may offer both. Whatever you choose, make sure they deliver the best-desired outcome. Even if you need minor repair work, you should go for the best handyman services. Look at what materials they use, customer reviews, and then decide.

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