Wholesale Food Suppliers And The Supermarket Business

In Australia, food manufacturers in Queensland supply supermarkets, specialist supermarkets, delicatessens, hotels of all sizes, restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and even airlines, with food products. They also supply domestic houses where the orders are bulk. To use a wholesale food manufacturer you do need to order a fair amount of produce to qualify for the discounted prices. What you order though is totally up to you and the nature of your business.

Different orders for different suppliers

A specialist delicatessen is going to order different food products to the local supermarket, and a local supermarket is going to order different food products to a hotel. A good food manufacturer and wholesale food supplier will be able to supply all of them, as a wholesale food manufacturer keeps a wide range of food products, and refreshments, both local and international. They might supply local tinned tomatoes to a general supermarket but might supply imported tinned tomatoes to a deli. And an airline is unlikely to order tinned tomatoes but may want daily fresh sandwich packs. A good wholesaler supplies them all.

Food wholesalers need to have variety

Apart from needing a variety of food products for different customers, the food manufacturers Queensland   also needs to have a variety of food products for other reasons. A deli might have been serving the same divine dips, olives and roasted vegetables for the last year, simply because customers like them. But every once in a while, the deli should make a new offering. The imported artichokes might suddenly go down a treat. Everyone needs to offer variety, stick to their staple items at all times but sometimes throw something new into the mix.

Same food wholesalers should also supply coffees, teas and refreshments

It makes no sense for a supermarket or deli, or any of the above, to get food products from one wholesaler but drinks from another. The food wholesaler should also provide a variety of coffees, teas, canned sodas, fresh fruit juices and more. Again, the brands that the wholesaler supplies to the various customers will be different. But it does make sense to do food, drinks and even fresh breads and pastries, from one wholesaler only. This way there is little admin, the wholesaler is getting good business, the supermarket or deli is getting great wholesale prices and fab service, and it is a win-win situation for all. Or, it should be!

Finding a food wholesaler

Manufacturing food products and delivering them is a specialist business. You want to work with the wholesalers who really know what they are doing, never get an order wrong, always deliver on time, give you excellent prices and discounts and always keep you informed about new products or products that you should perhaps be selling.

Get references and referrals before making a choice, do your own research on the right food manufacturers Queensland and with the right products on your shelves and in your refrigerators, watch your business grow and boom.

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