Right-to-repair program in India for mobile & electronics

Many of us have electronics and smartphones which we have been using for a long time, and when they get damaged, we have to send them to their repairing center for Repair. Do you not think this is frills work? It does seem that we have a restriction that we can get this electronic gadget repaired from only their center, not any other person? If you feel like this, you will be delighted to know that India is now planning to take over its own right-to-repair program.

If India has its own right-to-repair program, you can repair your smartphone and electronic gadgets by any company, agency, person, or yourself; now, you will not have to send them to their center.

As we know that companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung offer repair programs, and they are now looking to provide repair-related programs in India too.

If you want to know what the Right to Repair Program is, how it works, and how it will benefit consumers in India, you have to read our article thoroughly.

What is the Right-to-Repair Program?

Right to Repair is the right where the consumer has the freedom to decide whether to get the repairs done by the manufacturers or brands for the repair of his electronic gadgets. The consumer can also choose a third-party repair store nearby their area.

The biggest fear of not getting a repair from a third party is that while repairing smartphones and other electronic gadgets, some of its parts stop working, and getting a repair from a third party will spoil its warranty. In addition, the customer typically faces some worse dicks. Still, under the Right to Repair program, the customer will have the facility that they can get their electronic gadgets and smartphones repaired from anywhere and at any time.

As to The Department of Consumer Affairs, the Indian government also wants to end the repair ecosystem monopolization. So it orders all brands to share their repairing details manuals with consumers.

What item will be covered under the right to repair program?

As per the right to repair program draft, consumers can improve their electronic equipment like framing, mobile phones, tablets, consumer durable, automobiles, and automobile equipment. In this right-to-repair program, the whole electronic ecosystem will cover most of the stuff we use in our homes these days. But, most importantly, the industry will also have to look at its sales strategy by adopting the right-to-repair program.

Why do we need a Right-to-Repair program?

According to the statement of the Ministry of India, they are empowering consumers and harmonizing trade between original equipment manufacturers and third-party buyers and sellers. These are the most critical issues, such as e-waste reduction.

Most people know it is related to repair after a product sells. The necessary card is with all the companies. If you need spare parts to fix any laptop, or smartphone screen, visit these manufacturers’ centers. You will have to rely on the in-house service center. Manufacturers believe they can only provide the best and most assured repair work.

The most significant main objective of Repair to Right is notoriously lacking a top-notch skill force in India. However, when the product is repaired, its life cycle is increased, allowing the consumer to use more electronic gadgets for longer. As a result, there is a reduction in electronic waste.

How will companies follow the Right to Repair program?

The Repair to right program framework has been set up. Under this, the manufacturing companies will have to prepare their products, and they will have to provide their product manual to their customer so that they can take the service according to their choice. It is crucial to provide spare parts and components to a third party for repair.

Does the Right-to-repair Program apply to other countries as well?

The right-to-repair program has been implemented in many parts of the USA, UK, and Europe, and this program is running successfully. Specifically in the US, the Federal Trade Commission directed stop practicing anti-competitive policies to manufacturers. As a result, manufacturers give consumers spare parts for self-repair, or customers can get repair via a third-party agency.

Apple, Google, and Samsung have announced their respective self-repair programs in the US, UK, and Europe, and they might have to offer them in India shortly.

What are the challenges that can face right to repair programs?

As we know, India’s third-party repair ecosystem market is enormous. However, most of the part is unorganized. Therefore, if manufacturers work with them, many concerns can arise. For example, if companies work with a third-party repair ecosystem, they will have to re-work their product manuals shipped with products.

Many other issues can arise from the right-to-repair program. Apple is a well-known brand, and its self-repair program is expensive and tedious. If Apple shipment a toolbox, which in most cases will not be used by a layman. Hence the program needs to modify the guidelines and ensure that the brand adheres to the prescribed manual.

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